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Photo Baby Face Invitations, never opened, cardboard hanger has a bit of warping/fading 2.00   47  
Photo Baby Skates jumper, tiny mark or two, otherwise seems to be in good shape. 1.00   11  
Photo Hot Looks Big T and Pants: pants and one sock. Pants have a couple faint marks on front, probably will clean out fine. 1.25   14  
Photo Hot Looks Pink T and Tights purse; rather worn, decal peeled up on corner, some fraying on strap. 0.75   3  
Photo Hot Looks Stacey belt: green foil is quite bent/crumpled, buckle in good shape. 0.75   4  
Photo Hot Looks yellow sandals (Stacey); have a lot of VDS speckling or possibly faded black marker. 1.00   32  
Photo Hugga Bunch Huglet pink diaper, has faded in spots, has a few spots on the underside. 0.75   1  
  Photo Hugga Bunch Impkins, nude, good shape, good laundry tag. 6.00 Newly Listed 388  
Photo Hugga Bunch Outfit parts, shorts and hat. Good shape, very shiny. 3.50   28  
Photo Hugga Bunch Puzzle, 60 pieces, complete sides have a bit of tearing, some price tag residue on cover, a bit of whitenes on edges. Inner box has a copule splits on corners. 2.75   242  
Photo Hugga Bunch Tickles: She's in good shape, comes with top and shorts. The elastic on the shorts needs some repair, top is slightly yellowed/flattened. 6.00   418  
Photo Ideal Brandi, nude. Good shape, hair looks uncut, about 12" long fully extended, clean good make up. 12.00   385  
Photo Ideal Crissy, nude #1. Has lots of hair, bangs may have been trimmed a bit, missing tip of right index finger, nails have polish on them, clean. Has a faint green dot on temple. 5.00   357  
Photo Ideal Crissy, nude #2: Hair (on head and growing part) look trimmed, it's otherwise in quite nice shape, silky. Clean, vinyl parts are slightly yellowed, has a couple tiny pink spots on the corner of her mouth, scratch on her neck. 5.00   360  
Photo Ideal Dina. Missing hair extension, her hair is a bit stiff and a bit damaged looking - has been cut to "skin" on the crown of her head, good make up, clean. Back of head has a 1 cm tear at neck hole 3.00   315  
Photo Ideal Grow-Hair Velvet (Crissy Family) #1, Nude. Hair grows to about the back of her knees, in reasonably good shape, a bit uneven/used feeling at the ends. Growing mechanism works fine, great eyes, has a faded pink mark on her forearm, tips of fingers are a bit grey, otherwise great shape. 6.00   328  
Photo Ideal Velvet (look around); good hair, one side of bangs look a bit thinner/shorter, possibly trimmed there but the extension looks good, a little wiry feeling but not too bad. She works, very clean, comes with dress, has a faint beige stain on lace, has two of the three snaps, but those also need repair (snaps are corroded and one side is unstitched). Overall pretty nice. 8.00   402  
Photo Ideal Velvet doll, hair goes to back of her knees, it's a bit frizzy on the ends, scalp hair is a bit worn where the hair goes across it, ears are pierced (not sure if they should be), little rub on lip paint, has a few little greyish spots (mostly on the ends of her fingers, a couple on her legs. Hair mechanism works fine. 6.00   362  
Photo Ideal Velvet Eatons fashion parts. Very HTF! Parts look a bit faded, the snaps are kind of corroded looking but present, edges of scarf a little worn looking. Has pom pom only from toque. 10.00   13  
Photo Raggedy Ann wallpaper, vintage, I donít know how well it hang if one attempted to use it (I wouldnít try), 70 square feet, MIP, I donít see any licensing marks or date. 3.00   889