Home Photo Email Me:  pranceatron@pranceatron.com   May 9, 2017 weight & postal rate estimates  
Photo 2" plastic sink, for short doll, marked 1984 OAA Inc on bottom. 0.50   22  
Photo 3" Plush hang ups kid, has a couple small yellow spots on chest, otherwise good shape. 1.00   24  
Photo Hair accessories, MOC, French/English (Canadian) packaging, have some vintage price tags on it, card has some warping but is bright and otherwise in fairly good shape. 2.00   18  
  Photo Porcelain Baby with teddy bear; 1984 edition, has a couple small spots otherwise fine, no chips or cracks etc. 3.00   35  
  Photo Porcelain kid doing hand stand; 1984 edition, good shape.  3.00   51  
Photo Porcelain red haired girl with flowers; 1984 edition, has a couple marks/spots on body, otherwise fine, no chips or cracks. 2.50   59  
Photo PVC (Aerobics) blond in purple aerobics gear, mint in package, some slight creases/dings on edges, otherwise good shape 3.00   33  
Photo PVC (Aerobics) blond in purple aerobics gear, tiny bit of wear.  0.50   18  
Photo PVC (Aerobics) blond, has a couple rubs (have 5) 0.75   18  
Photo PVC (cheerleader), yellow and navy, couple tiny rubs, good shape.  0.75   28  
Photo PVC (Cookie Jar), brown hair/blue outfit. Several paint rubs, a bit dirty in creases. 0.50   26  
Photo PVC (Cookie Jar), red hair/blue outfit: Has a couple tiny rubs. (Have 2 in similar shape.) 1.00   26  
Photo PVC (Pudding): Black haired girl w/pink pudding bowl #1, a few dots, a tiny bit of paint wear, good shape. 0.75   25  
Photo PVC (Pudding): Black haired girl w/pink pudding bowl #2, small rub, factory paint is a little splattered looking. 0.75   25  
Photo PVC (Pudding): Blond girl w/chocolate pudding, green outfit. A couple tiny rubs, good shape. (Have 3) 1.00   25  
Photo PVC (Pudding): Brown haired girl w/chocolate pudding bowl. A tiny rub or two, overall good shape (have 2 in same shape)   1.00   25  
Photo PVC (Pudding): Red haired girl in lavender, holding pink icing bowl; A couple tiny rubs. 1.00   25  
Photo PVC (Towel), black hair: has some marks, a couple small rubs/dots  0.75   24  
Photo PVC Baby (Blankie) bald baby w/blue & yellow blanket, tiny rub or two (Have 2 in similar shape, 1 with green eyes, 1 with brown)  1.00   17  
Photo PVC Baby (Blankie) Standing bald baby w/yellow blanket; tiny rub/tiny mark or two, good shape. 1.00   17  
Photo PVC Baby (Rattle), blue dress; white parts a little dirty, some tiny rubs here and there. 0.75   25  
Photo Stocking- White Satin w/fur trim, store made. Marked OAA, Inc, features red haired girl, brown haired boy w/drum, and bald baby w/pacifier. There is a tiny black spot near the fur, on the  satin. I did not attempt to remove it. (2 @ $2.00 each) 2.00   55  
Photo Trinket box, plastic. “Love is sharing”. Has yellowed a bit, otherwise good shape. 2.00   74  
Photo Wind up bald baby, works, green diaper, has a couple faint yellow marks on head 2.50   26  
Photo Wind Up, bald baby, works, a tiny rub or two on diaper. 2.50   27  
Photo Wind Up, CPK head in crate, no longer winds, some paint transfer on inside of lid. 1.00   24  
Photo Wind up, girl, works, some tiny rubs/scratches, not bad shape. 2.50   27  
Photo Wind Up; brunette with green outfit/hair, works, has a couple tiny paint rubs. 2.50   27