Ordering Information

Placing an order with Pranceatron Toys

#1: Find an item you want to buy.
The item you are interested in should be in a plain white box, like the one shown left. That means it is most likely available.*  
The box on the far right should not contain any words like "On Hold" or "Two Day Hold." Prices are in US funds.
*Occasionally items are not available because, despite my best efforts, I haven't updated my page recently enough, or your browser may not be current.

#2: (Optional). In order to help gauge the potential shipping prices for your choices, the weight in grams is listed beside the price. The shipping estimates page has a list of pricing for varying weight classes and destinations.  charge actual shipping prices. Canadapost is not as cheap as the US postal service, unfortunately. 

#3: Email Me.
On top of each sales page there is an email link for <pranceatrontoys@pranceatron.com>.  Clicking it should open an email through your email program, or you can copy and paste the email address into your emailing program of choice.  
In the body of the email, copy & paste the description of listing(s) that you are interested in.  

#4: Await my order request email.
Providing that your choices are available for purchase, I will place your items on hold for two days or so, while we negotiate the sale. For the most part this means approval of the total price with any applicable discount/exchange rate/postal fees applied.

If I receive no reply within two days (that's why it's called a two-day hold!), I will assume you do not wish to purchase the order and the items will go back on the list.  

If you agree with the total price, you can paypal me right then and there, or you can let me know you prefer a paypal invoice or wish to pay by money order through the mail. If you are a buyer from the US, regular US money orders are fine -for example the green postal ones or grey western union ones - they don't need to be international ones.  With your payment, please include your email address, mailing address, and a brief description of what you are buying (ie: "Ponies")

#5 Payment Pending
After shipping and payment time frame are agreed to, I will place your item On Hold - as shown on the left.  I expect payment within two weeks, but I am flexible about payment times, just as long as I know what's going on.

#6 Await & receive your package
After payment is received, I will pack up your item and ship it out usually within 2 business days.
Generally items take 1-2 weeks to arrive via airmail to the US, Europe, Japan & Australia; within Canada is typically a week. Items sent via surface outside of the US can take a very long time, usually a month, possibly up to three. I will keep you informed during the sale negotiation period as to shipping times based on the method of shipment chosen.