Home Photo Email Me:  pranceatron@pranceatron.com   September 19, 2017 weight & postal rate estimates  
Photo Boots: Pale tan platforms, good shape. (have 2 pairs) 1.00   29  
Photo Flip Flops; sandals, with green straps, a little paint wear otherwise OK. 1.00   17  
Photo Rock Angelz Cloe; Red snakeskin boots, tiny bit of wear on soles otherwise fine. 1.00   28  
Photo Rock Angelz Jade boots; have some rubs and marks 0.50   20  
Photo Style It Jade sandals, some have some paint wear (have 3 pairs) 1.00   28  
Photo Sweet Dreamz Felicia flats; a little yellowish on blue parts, otherwise good shape. 1.00   14  
Photo Tall smooth black boots 1.00   22  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Cloe blue boots, one has some pink spots, both have a little paint wear. 1.00   38  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Cloe white boots, tiny mark or two otherwise good . 1.00   72  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Jade Boots, couple spots on soles otherwise good shape. 1.00   40  
Photo Xpress it Meygan boots #1, have a few little marks on paint, one heel has some faint chew marks. 0.75   32  
Photo Xpress it Meygan boots #2, small rub or two good shape. 1.00   32  
Photo Yellow and Brown platforms w/triangle heels, have a bunch of rubs on soles, not bad otherwise. 0.75   35