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Photo Babyz (12") small lot of clothes (should fit, most are actual Babyz clothes). 1.00   85  
Photo Babyz Lot (I think itís all genuine stuff but Iím not totally sure): Yasmin (with outfit, attached to stand. It doesnít work, may just require a new battery, Twiins doll (a little blush rub,missing one ponytail, comes with most of outfit),diaper bags, mini doll (missing pigtails I think), odd sized doll, 3 pairs of shoes, 20+ pieces of clothing (strap on gold gown is broken, some wear and tear but mostly OK), blankets, pets etc. Most great shape, a few pieces have some wear/greyness. 5.00   355  
Photo Babyz Sasha mermaid creature, hair is mostly still in correct style, good shape. 2.00   109  
Photo Babyz Yasmin, nude, huge curly hair and earrings. Couple faint marks on rear, otherwise good shape. 1.50   71  
Photo Bodyform (female) (have 5 .25 cents each) 0.25   10  
Photo Boyz Cameron (not sure which version), comes with three Formal Funk outfits and an extra jacket, three pairs of shoes, good shape. Limbs are a little loose on the doll, hair needs some styling. 6.00 Newly Listed 342  
Photo Boyz Eitan (2003 Spring), has a faded blue spot on cheek, wearing most of his original outfit. 4.00 Newly Listed 191  
Photo Boyz Formal Funk Dylan, NRFB, great shape. 10.00   635  
Photo Boyz Formal Funk Eitan, nude (except for sunglasses), good shape. 2.00   121  
Photo Boyz Koby (Formal Funk); comes with two outfits that I think are original and two pairs of shoes. Good shape. 5.00 Newly Listed 273  
Photo Boyz Shoe lot, 7 pairs, various skin tones or boots, some have a tiny bit of wear, good shape in general. 3.00   324  
Photo Boyz Shoe lot, Eitan (more or less) Skin tone, 7 pairs. Some have a bit of wear, good shape in general. 3.00   315  
Photo Kidz Kiani & Lilani Pair, the babyz one has a few faint greyish marks on face, great hair out outfit, missing purse otherwise looks complete or close. Both have earrings. Kidz one is in very good shape. 5.00   153  
Photo Kidz Lilani Fairy, mint and complete, only displayed, never played with, great shape. 7.00   263  
Photo Kidz-size lot of accessories, stools and food items, made by MGA, good shape, 14 pcs. 2.00   85  
Photo Movie Making Camera, doesn't presently work (not sure if it's fixable, I scraped off some oxidation from the battery leads) comes with instructions and RCA cable, missing the USB cord. 1.50   260  
Photo Stylin Salon parts, good shape, Approx 14 pieces, mirror has some scratches. 2.00   188