Email   September 19, 2018 weight & postal rate estimates  
Photo Bratz lot of 18 bags, most in very good shape, a couple may have a little wear. 3.00   63  
Photo Funk out Fianna lot; pants, top, belt, headband (elastic stretched out) skirt and purse (velcro worn). 2.50   18  
Photo Girlz Nite Out Yasmin: parts, dress (one strap is broken), jacket and two pairs of shoes. 3.50   46  
Photo Rock Angelz Clothing lot; jacket, jeans, skirt, 3 pairs of shoes and mic. The shoes and mic have some paint wear, the white shoes have some little marks and spots. 4.00   88  
Photo Style It Dana clothes lot; two tops, skirt, pants, belt, two pairs of boots. 3.00   80  
Photo Style It Jade outfit pieces; jeans, bag and shoes, a tiny bit of wear, overall pretty good shape. 2.75   43  
Photo Stylin' Spa Fianna outfit parts, good shape, but robe is rather pilled and has some marks on inside. 4.00   131  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Cloe lot #1: 20 Pc lot, scarf missing some tassels, otherwise good shape. Some parts have a little wear other than that mentioned, no major problems. 4.00   166  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Cloe lot #2: jacket (small pinhole on chest from where it was attached to the package, pants (one belt loop needs to be repaired), belt, scarf (kinda pilled), hat, earmuffs, two pairs boots, tights & bag. Some parts have a little wear other than that mentioned, no major problems. 3.50   152  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Dana outfit parts lot #1; 20+ pcs. Has 1 shirt, scarf, 2 jackets, cords and belt, black tights, hat, boot covers, ear muffs, two bags (some fraying), toboggan (has a few small marks), skirt, 2 pairs of boots, glasses, mug and mittens. 4.00   223  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Dana outfit parts lot #2, sweater (needs cleaning), jacket, pants and belt (also could use some cleaning, bag (has fraying), pair of boots (some paint wear), mug, hat, backpack, 2 coats (one is missing a pom pom, a bit dusty) tights (elastic a bit stretched), one boot cover and goggles. 3.50   124  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland small lot of various pieces, bag has a bit of fraying, scarf a few snags 2.00   98  
Photo Amelie (Canadian exclusive); wearing non original shoes, otherwise nude, good shape. Hair in original style, no earrings. 3.00   130  
Photo Cloe (Designed By) NRFB: Box has a little scuffing/dents. For whatever reason, there is no perfume included and the box has tape over any reference to perfume. (I guess they ran out!) 12.00   452  
Photo Cloe (Funk Out) #1; Hair is still mostly in original style, her upper lip is rubbed somewhat, face is a little on the grey side, some blush rub, comes with her skirt (a bit worn looking) purse, pants, belt, top, boots and sandals (have a little paint wear on heels.) 5.00   158  
Photo Cloe (Funk Out) #2: Hair is not in original style any more, blush is smudged a bit, has a tiny dot on cheek, comes with her jeans, blue top (a bit faded), white top (has some wrinkles/cracking, needs cleaning) white skirt (small spot on back), sandals and purse. 5.00   142  
Photo Cloe (Genie Magic): faint blue spot on cheek, hair in original style, has a few pieces of jewellery, shoes and main outfit. 4.00   123  
Photo Cloe (Girls Really Rock): small rub on lip, comes with jeans (one of the straps on the ankle is hanging by a thread) and shoes (some paint wear). 3.25   132  
Photo Cloe (Passion 4 Fashion): Tiny mark on cheek, comes with jeans/belt, top & blue top (one strap is missing). Wearing shoes that match but are not original to her. 4.50   141  
Photo Cloe (Play Sportz, golfing): has most of outfit & bag. Hair in correct style but two elastics have been replaced, Missing one earring. 4.00   155  
Photo Cloe (Rodeo); wearing Rodeo Yasmin jeans with belt attached, great shape. Wild west fianna top, Rodeo Yasmin Boots, have some paint wear on the black paint design. 4.00   130  
Photo Cloe (Style it) #1: Good shape, hair is a bit matted in back, wearing top, skirt, purse, pants, 2 pairs of boots. 4.00   156  
Photo Cloe (Style it) #2: Wearing some original and other Bratz clothing, good shape. 3.00   140  
Photo Cloe, not sure which one, smoky-style make up, looks like a later issue doll to me. A little paint wear on panties, bridge of nose a tiny bit grey, wearing Fashion Pack Out N' About fashion, good shape. 4.00   141  
Photo Dana (Formal Funk); hair no longer in original style but doesnít look cut, neck a tad wobbly, comes with dress (missing bow) and top (missing straps). 2.50   107  
Photo Dana (Girlz Nite Out), hair mostly in original style though it's a little matted (probably will clean up ok with some attention) Missing some leg sparkles, comes with jacket, jeans, shoes and purse, good shape. 4.50   141  
Photo Dana (Play Sportz Racecar driving); NRFB, a little wear on box, otherwise good shape. 5.00   237  
Photo Dana (Style it) Comes with pants, top brown boots (one has a couple teeth marks), skirt, bag and tan boots (these may not be the right colour) 5.00   174  
Photo Dana (Sun Kissed Summer) wearing Wild Life Safari Meygan hat and skirt, Nevra bag (a little fraying on strap), net top, leg warmers (fraying), two pairs of shoes, arm band, denim choker, compass bracelet, thermos and binoculars. 4.00   158  
Photo Dana (Wintertime Wonderland) & clothes; Doll w/toque still attached, blue boots (have some wear) mittens, ear muffs, brush, boot covers, 2 bags (one has some fraying),two jackets, 2 shirts, skirt, cords (the belt loops need repair), glasses and belt. 6.50   243  
Photo Fianna (Flashback Fever); Has a few small orange marks on one wrist, hair a little ratty in front, otherwise good shape, comes with armband, shirt, hat, pants, vest and two pairs of shoes 5.00   191  
Photo Fianna (Funk Out) #1: Has two faint grey marks on nose, otherwise very nice shape. Comes with most of original outfit parts - scarf, headband (elastic has a bit of wear), jeans, skirt, tank top (missing one bow), camisole (missing a strap), purse and boots. Also includes belt. 5.00   150  
Photo Fianna (Funk Out) #2: Great shape, comes with two tops, jeans, belt, purse, wrap and sandals 4.00   146  
Photo Fianna (Funk Out) #3; Good shape, comes with her original pants (velcro a bit worn, otherwise fine), headband (elastic a bit stretched out, still fits), top, bag, boots and skirt 3.25   143  
Photo Fianna (Funk Out) NRFB: Box has some scuffs and light wear. 8.00   416  
Photo Fianna (Tokyo A Go Go): Doll is in good shape, comes with pants, one top, shoes (a little fraying on ribbon ends), and bag (long strap has been cut off, a little dusty). 4.00   136  
Photo Jade (Funk N' Glow 02): Hair half in original style, has a grey mark on knee, seams were trimmed pretty harshly - possibly was done post purchase. Wearing Last Dance, I think complete, shoes have a little paint wear. 5.00   128  
Photo Jade (Nighty Nite): Great shape, has one earring. Redressed in Bratz fashion. 3.00   124  
Photo Jade (Play Sportz, Moto X), has most of her original outfit, no boots. 3.50   103  
Photo Jade (Rock Angelz): Good shape, tiny grey spot on eyebrow. Has one earring, shirt, jacket, skirt, hat and boots (have a bit of paint rub). 5.00   136  
Photo Jade (Slumber Party) hair is still in braids (mostly, needs a little fixing up), Good shape. Comes with outfit parts, slippers (a bit grey on flocking), mask, small purse, headband, jacket and tie, pants (both have a little fraying but not too bad), shorts, top (has a small run in it),diary (missing clasp) tooth brush, powder puff (3 parts) mirror & phone 5.00   170  
Photo Jade (Style it) , hair still in original style, comes with most of her original outfit (shirt needs a little cleaning), skirt (velcro a bit worn), vest, bag and shoes. 5.00   133  
Photo Jade (Wintertime Wonderland, Iím pretty sure), hair has a couple flyaways but is otherwise in great shape, original style. Comes with her hat (a bit grey), pants (no belt), skirt, jacket (has yellowed somewhat), bag, sweater, backpack and boots. 7.00   110  
Photo Kiani (Sisterz): Nice hair, comes with her correct shoes and skirt, also has Lilani's pants and a hoodie that matches but belongs to someone else. 4.00   141  
Photo Maribel (Magic Make Up) Walmart re-pack cheapie doll NRFB; has price tag on front, some light scuffing/edge wear. 8.00   213  
Photo Meygan (Genie Magic): Great shape, redressed in Bratz clothing. 3.00   136  
Photo Meygan (Play Sportz, bowling) #1; missing an earring, hair is basically in the original style, comes with her shirt, Golfing Cloe's skirt, belt, shoes and bag. 4.00   144  
Photo Meygan (Play Sportz, bowling) #2; hair is in great shape/original style. Comes with skirt, shirt, bag, ball and sneakers. Ball has a few small paint scuffs. 4.50   155  
Photo Meygan (Pretty Punk) #1, super shape, looks like she was never undressed (purse still sewn to leg). Not complete but what's there is in great shape. 5.00   140  
Photo Meygan (Pretty Punk) #2: Has top and pants, shoes that are not original. hair in original style, good shape. 4.25   144  
Photo Meygan (Sleepin' Style?) Crimped red hair, pale skin, pink undies. Tiny rub on upper lip, otherwise great shape wearing Slumber Party Meygan sleepwear; has a small crack on decal otherwise good and blue pleather bag. Sleepover Blue furry slippers. Rather grey, need cleaning. 3.50   135  
Photo Nevra (Funk Out): has a small rub on her lip, has gold earrings. Good shape. Comes with top, bag, jeans, red top (missing laces) and silver bottom boots, tiny bit of wear. 4.00   146  
Photo Phoebe (I-Candy): Good shape, her blush is a bit greyish, wearing her skirt and belt in good shape, also has her top, it has some runs in it, wearing non original shoes. 2.50   136  
Photo Rina (Be Bratz Blonde); NRFB; some faint scuffing on front, a little box wear, otherwise great shape. 8.00   539  
Photo Sasha (Formal Funk); NRFB; very slight wear on box, one corner has some stress marks on plastic. 15.00   523  
Photo Sasha (Funk Out) #1, hair is no longer in original style/a bit stiff, otherwise good shape, comes with fashion pieces in good shape. Top, pants, two pairs of shoes, purse, earrings and bracelets. 5.00   147  
Photo Sasha (Funk Out) #2, Doll (great shape, hair in original style, still has glasses attached to her head) she comes with two pairs of shoes, pants (look a little worn), top and purse. 5.50   153  
Photo Sasha (Slumber Party, 1st year I think) #1; Has some scuff marks on torso, small dot on lip, hair in original style. Has parts off outfit, they are a bit pilled, and slippers (A bit linty), also have phone (a bit worn looking) and bag (zipper pull missing) 4.50   155  
Photo Sasha (Style It): wearing Bratz clothing and shoes (have a little paint wear), good shape. 3.00   131  
Photo Sashabella Paws Bratzillas doll; eyes have been repainted, comes with original outfit and two extra capes. 3.00   147  
Photo Yasmin (Costume Party) Angel. NRFB, box is rather scuffed, some minor wear.†† 10.00   322  
Photo Yasmin (Formal Funk) #1; Doll - hair is basically in original set but needs styling, has a little rub on the underwear paint, a few faint grey dots on legs. Has her dress - but it needs major repairs (a couple popped seams, strap needs to be fixed) and one glove. 4.50   112  
Photo Yasmin (Formal Funk) #2; Hair is no longer in original style, it's a bit ratty, a little paint wear on undies, otherwise good shape. Comes with sandals that match her skin tone, wearing Hollywood Style Phoebe skirt, good shape and top, velcro needs to be sewn on in back. 4.00   116  
Photo Yasmin (Funk Out) #1, with dress, jacket, pants, purse, pink shoes (a couple small bite marks on heels), white shoes. Hair is no longer in original style. 5.00   155  
Photo Yasmin (Funk Out) #2, with outfit parts, comes with dress, red shoes, purse, bracelets, jeans, top and jacket. Hair is partly still in original style 5.00   152  
Photo Yasmin (Funk Out) #3, with outfit parts, comes with dress, red shoes, purse, jacket, capris, white shoes (a few small marks) and trading card. Hair is not longer in original style (just a ponytail), has a small mark on back of leg, neck is slightly loose, couple bite marks on hand and ends of legs, small ink spot on palm of hand. 3.00   157  
Photo Yasmin (Funk Out) #4 Mint in Box; Looks like nothing was removed from the packaging, but someone has obviously retaped the side opening. Box has some typical scuffing on the plastic. 10.00   392  
Photo Yasmin (Hot Summer Daze); excellent shape, complete or close to it, with bathing suit, glasses, skirt, sandals, surf board, two hair decorations. 4.50   188  
Photo Yasmin (Ice Hockey Canadian exclusive) #1 with earrings, top, shorts, "tights" and skates (no blades), top and shorts have a bit of pilling. Hair is no longer in original style (had twists). 5.50   120  
Photo Yasmin (Movie Star), good shape, has original shoes & jacket, wearing Jade's silver dress. 4.00   130  
Photo Yasmin (Nighty-Nite): doll & outfit parts, great shape, with robe, camisole, shorts and shoes, all good shape. 4.50   125  
Photo Yasmin (Play Sportz Teamz Basketball), good shape, hair in original shape, comes with headband, arm band and tank top. 3.00   116  
Photo Yasmin (Rock Angelz): Has a small dent in thigh (possibly a bite mark). Comes with t shirt, skirt, jacket, mic, 2 pairs of boots & guitar. A little paint wear here and there. 4.25   174  
Photo Yasmin (Slumber Party, 1st year I think);Hair in original shape, but has a few flyaways. Comes with outfit parts; robe (has several snags on it) with tie, sleeping pants, diary, popcorn, phone (receiver has been repaired and missing the mouth piece), bag (handle needs repair), mask, slippers (greyish) & 6 accessories. 4.75   194  
Photo Yasmin (Style it) #3: hair is still in original style but is a bit frizzy/wiry, has a rub on upper lip paint. Comes with jeans, blouse, vest, purse, skirt, two pairs of shoes. 4.00   188  
Photo Yasmin (Tokyo A Go Go); hair is in original style, comes with her pants and skirt. 3.50   130  
Photo Yasmin (Walking) with dog and fashion, great shape, still works, comes with batteries. 4.00   292  
Photo Yasmin (Xpress It) #1: Hair appears to be in original style, redressed, good shape. 3.00   131  
Photo Yasmin (Xpress it) #2; wearing various Bratz pieces (mostly from Style it Yasmin), good shape. 2.00   133  
Photo Babyz (12") small lot of clothes (should fit, most are actual Babyz clothes). 1.00   85  
Photo Babyz Lot (I think itís all genuine stuff but Iím not totally sure): Yasmin (with outfit, attached to stand. It doesnít work, may just require a new battery, Twiins doll (a little blush rub,missing one ponytail, comes with most of outfit),diaper bags, mini doll (missing pigtails I think), odd sized doll, 3 pairs of shoes, 20+ pieces of clothing (strap on gold gown is broken, some wear and tear but mostly OK), blankets, pets etc. Most great shape, a few pieces have some wear/greyness. 5.00   355  
Photo Babyz Sasha mermaid creature, hair is mostly still in correct style, good shape. 2.00   109  
Photo Babyz Yasmin, nude, huge curly hair and earrings. Couple faint marks on rear, otherwise good shape. 1.50   71  
Photo Bodyform (female) (have 5 .25 cents each) 0.25   10  
Photo Boyz Cameron (not sure which version), comes with three Formal Funk outfits and an extra jacket, three pairs of shoes, good shape. Limbs are a little loose on the doll, hair needs some styling. 6.00   342  
Photo Boyz Eitan (2003 Spring), has a faded blue spot on cheek, wearing most of his original outfit. 4.00   191  
Photo Boyz Formal Funk Dylan, NRFB, great shape. 10.00   635  
Photo Boyz Formal Funk Eitan, nude (except for sunglasses), good shape. 2.00   121  
Photo Boyz Koby (Formal Funk); comes with two outfits that I think are original and two pairs of shoes. Good shape. 5.00   273  
Photo Kidz Kiani & Lilani Pair, the babyz one has a few faint greyish marks on face, great hair out outfit, missing purse otherwise looks complete or close. Both have earrings. Kidz one is in very good shape. 5.00   153  
Photo Kidz Lilani Fairy, mint and complete, only displayed, never played with, great shape. 5.00   263  
Photo Kidz-size lot of accessories, stools and food items, made by MGA, good shape, 14 pcs. 2.00   85  
Photo Stylin Salon parts, good shape, Approx 14 pieces, mirror has some scratches. 2.00   188  
Photo Boots: Pale tan platforms, good shape. 1.00   29  
Photo Rock Angelz Cloe; Red snakeskin boots, tiny bit of wear on soles otherwise fine. 1.00   28  
Photo Rock Angelz Jade boots; have some rubs and marks 0.50   20  
Photo Style It Jade sandals, some have some paint wear (have 3 pairs) 1.00   28  
Photo Tall smooth black boots 1.00   22  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Cloe white boots, tiny mark or two otherwise good . 1.00   72  
Photo Wintertime Wonderland Jade Boots, couple spots on soles otherwise good shape. 1.00   40  
Photo Xpress it Meygan boots #1, have a few little marks on paint, one heel has some faint chew marks. 0.75   32  
Photo Xpress it Meygan boots #2, small rub or two good shape. 1.00   32  
Photo Yellow and Brown platforms w/triangle heels, have a bunch of rubs on soles, not bad otherwise. 0.75   35