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Photo Accessories Lot Vintage Ken (?) two tennis rackets (one has the bottom half of the handle broken off, the otherís netting has damage), camera (missing back half, some paint wear), TV (antenna has some chews, a little peeling on decal), suitcase (2, one is good, the other has some chew marks/missing decals), half a suitcase (!), two record players (missing tone arms, one has decal wear) 4.00   36  
Photo Anti-Freezers skirt, a little greyish otherwise fine. 2.25   1  
Photo Barbie Fair Hair (Brunette) on straight leg body (no country mentioned). Missing some eyelashes. Face has yellowed/darkened a bit, good paint, no ear pin pricks. Missing nail polish, body has greyishness here and there, upper thighs have some faded purple marks, some slight scuffing. 8.00 Newly Listed 135  
Photo Barbie TNT Brunette Flip. Eyelashes a bit thin, hair is pretty good, face has good colour, a little paint wear on lips/blush. Knees click twice. Feet are very chewed. Some slight greyness here and there, fingernail paint is mostly gone. 10.00 Newly Listed 132  
Photo Bubblecut Barbie, Japan/straight leg body. Brunette. Hair looks trimmed. Face paint has a lot of wear. No green, good colour. One breast has greyish stains on it, has some faint pinkish marks on legs. Torso has some light scuffing, fingernail paint is good. 8.00 Newly Listed 136  
Photo Case, black vinyl Bubblecut Barbie, dated 1964. Has been smooshed in a bit, graphics are generally pretty good but has a few scratches here and there, inside has name written in permanent marker, some red pen scribbles and yellowing/greying, there are some splits on the bottom corners. 8.00   566  
Photo Casey, Japan body, TLC. Tips of toes on one foot chewed off, the other has some chew marks, otherwise body isn't too bad. Hair is a mess, missing many plugs, eyelashes are also missing a lot of hair, eyebrows have rubbed a bit but the rest of the paint isn't too bad, some faint greening around ears, tiny neck split (does not show unless you remove her head). Joints a bit soft but not broken, will hold in one place. 6.00 Newly Listed 115  
Photo Crisp 'n Cool top, very discoloured, snaps need repair, missing scarf. 1.00   5  
Photo Day at the Fair skirt (for Skipper), is missing the strap closure entirely, needs cleaning. 1.00   5  
Photo Francie Fresh as a Daisy purse; has several pink stains, I didnít try to remove them. Lace has frayed a bit. 1.00   1  
Photo Francie Gad Abouts sweater, has a few small holes on arm, missing elastic that holds the back together. 2.50   5  
Photo Growin' Pretty Hair pink satin dress #1; needs pressing, colour is a bit mottled, area around strap has a small tear, they are rather worn looking, as is the gold belt, has a 1 cm grey line on front of dress. 1.00   6  
Photo Growin' Pretty Hair pink satin dress #2; has a lot of stains/mottling of colour, foil has curled up somewhat on "belt" (moreso in back), has snap, nice Barbie tag. 1.00   6  
Photo Jeans, do not have tag (donít think it ever did), great shape. 5.00   10  
Photo Ken dickie, white with maroon edged ruffles. Has a yellow spot on collar, missing half of closure. 1.00   1  
Photo Ken Masquerade jumpsuit #1, needs cleaning, bow tie needs retying, snap needs repair (both pieces are there) elastics on cuffs are shot. 2.00   13  
Photo Ken Masquerade jumpsuit #2; overall pretty good shape, bow a bit messy. Clean, good Ken tag. 3.00   13  
Photo Ken Rally Day cap, a couple tiny dots, tiny pill or two, otherwise fine. 2.25   1  
Photo Ken Tennis outfit sweater and shorts; I didnít attempt to clean them. Sweater has a few brownish spots, needs a seam repair on upper arm, crisp nice tag. Shorts are a bit dusty from age. Both would look better with a clean. 3.50   15  
Photo Ken vintage robe, cuffs have been cut off, blue colour is mottled but it's darker blue than I am used to seeing. 1.00   13  
Photo Knitting Pretty skirt (blue version): snap needs to be repaired, some fraying, seam could use a little repair, the skirt has a slightly pinkish mottled tone to it (pretty faint but there if you look hard)(not bleached at all - I've adjusted the photo brightness so the run is visible) 1.50   5  
Photo Malibu Barbie #1, Japan body, good joints, a little fading of make up/blush rub, some slight body scuffs/signs of wear but not chews or splits that I can see, hair isn't bad looking but does have some plugs of hair missing from nape/underside. 6.00 Newly Listed 129  
Photo Malibu Barbie #2, Japan body, joints a bit soft, good make up,hair isn't bad looking but does have several plugs of hair missing from nape/underside. Toes have been chewed off, ankles have bite marks. 5.00 Newly Listed 135  
Photo Malibu Barbie #3; Japan body, joints a bit soft but not too bad, good make up, hair isn't bad looking but does have some plugs of hair missing from nape/underside. One hand and ankles have a few bite marks, toes are good. 6.00 Newly Listed 135  
Photo Malibu Barbie nude (Korea body): Backs of knees have tears in the vinyl, one foot has chew marks, chip on one shoulder joint. There are some plugs missing from her hair, slightly shorter on one side, may have had a trim. 2.00   136  
Photo Malibu Francie, Japan body. Has several pin pricks around ears, hair is thinned at the back and sides. Some very light paint wear. Left knee no longer holds a pose, feet have several nibbles. Tiny dot on knee, arms a bit greyish. 7.00 Newly Listed 124  
Photo Malibu Ken #1; Hong Kong body, good joints, no chews, good make up, tiny scratch on shin. 6.00 Newly Listed 200  
Photo Malibu Ken #2; Hong Kong, joints a little weird but tight, no chews, small rub on scalp, some whitish marks on torso. 6.00 Newly Listed 192  
Photo Malibu Skipper, Japan body, good joints, good make up but one eyebrow a little rubbed, a couple faint nibbles on feet, a few plugs of hair missing from back of head. 5.00 Newly Listed 96  
Photo Miss America cape #1 Felt is a little pilled, otherwise itís in pretty nice shape. 1.00   15  
Photo Miss America cape #2 Felt is a little pilled, straps are broken. A couple small dots on the bottom, fur is a bit matted. 0.50   15  
Photo PJ TNT Japan body; Good hair, some slight paint wear, head is mottled slightly (whitish on edges) but otherwise good colour, I don't see green. Knees click twice. Bite marks on feet, one foot is split, small split on back of knee. A couple tiny faint marks, some slight greyishness here and there. Pretty good shape for her age. \ 10.00 Newly Listed 133  
Photo Rare Pair jacket - has been repaired on the shoulder seam, has some runs on one sleeve, needs a bit of repair on cuff. 2.00   5  
Photo Robe, yellow, missing ribbons & flower decorations. Has some little surface snags. 1.00   1  
Photo Skipper Ballet lessons bodysuit, neckline is quite frayed, has a long run across the front. (not bleached at all - I've adjusted the photo brightness so the run is visible) 1.00   1  
Photo Skipper red velveteen purse. Some wear on the gold cord, elastic needs to be repaired. 1.00   1  
Photo Skipper straight leg/Japan. Blond. Hair is a little worn on ends, a bit thin on some plugs at back of neck. Has a small split at neck hole. 6.00 Newly Listed 86  
Photo skirt, pretty good shape, no obvious problems I can see. 2.00   3  
Photo Stormy Weather raincoat; a little greyish and wrinkled but not bad, does not have belt. 3.00   16  
Photo Talking Ken blue top #2, Not too bad, one stripe is a bit darker than the other. 1.50   4  
Photo Talking Ken blue top, has lots of yellowish spots all over - didn't attempt to clean as this blue fabric runs really badly. 0.50   4  
Photo Tennis dress; has several waterstains,is torn on the bias on one strap, skirt needs to be reattached to bodice in the front. 1.00   6  
Photo Tennis outfit top and dress; sweater: Tag is very wrinkled, some very slight discolouration, overall quite clean and nice for age. Dress: has a large tear on the back shoulder strap, has a small snag on stomach area, wrinkled a bit, has some yellowing. 3.50   14  
Photo Tennis Team bodysuit, has a faint orange stain on neckline, bows a bit frayed on ends. 1.00   4  
Photo TNT 1968 Barbie tank top: Tagged, tag has some fraying on end, the top itself has a few frays as well 3.00   1  
Photo TNT Barbie, Japan body. Face has pretty bad scratch marks :(, turning a bit green. Hair has been trimmed but otherwise looks good. Body here and there has a few scuff/scrape marks (I don't understand what was done to her!) feet/hands have nibbles, good knees. 6.00 Newly Listed 132  
Photo TNT Barbie, Japan body. Nice pale brownish hair colour but has been cut, missing all the hair that would have gone into her ponytail (cut very short or pulled out around her ears), missing some lashes, face is fading slightly, some extra earring holes on ears, neck split. a little make up rub, arms a bit greyish, legs have faded mottled whitish /greenish, has several bite marks on feet 6.00 Newly Listed 129  
Photo Tutti pink gingham hat, has a small black spot on outer frill, underneath there is a black mark (initials it looks like) written on frill. 1.00   1  
Photo Vintage Paper Dolls,1969. Comes with one doll, two stands and pair of plastic scissors, 20 fashion parts. One has a foot torn off, otherwise they look fairly good. It is not complete (should be two dolls and 30 clothing pcs), Box has a long split on the front corner, one corner split, some small bends etc, still quite colourful 5.00   168