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Photo Action Masters Diecast Metal Predator, mint on card. 1994 Kenner. Edges are very worn. Never opened. 5.00   90  
Photo Alienators: Evolution Continues Ira Kane's Mutant Catcher collectables set. Top of bubble has come loose but I think it's still complete & unused. Edges have wear, bubble is crushed in a bit on two corners.  5.00   201  
Photo Crash Test Dummies: Stampers and Stamp pad MOC: bubble peeling up a tiny bit on top, has some price tags on front and back, bottom corners are dinged up, a little warping/creasing on card. 3.00   88  
Photo Skeleton Warriors Aracula figure, good shape. 1.00   80  
Photo Stargate - Anubis action figure, NIP: Card a bit warped, has some whiteness on edges, part of peg hole has been torn off, top of bubble a bit dusty.
5.00   112  
Photo Tales from the Cryptkeeper The Frankenstein Monster: Card a bit warped, a little cello tape residue on bubble, price tag, corners and edges have a bit of wear.  5.00   85  
Photo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Sewer Samurai: MOC, Canadian card. Unpunched. Has some price tags, edges a bit white. Overall pretty good shape. 20.00   145  
Photo The Shadow Movie Dr. Mocquino Action Figure Mace & Claw Staff 1994 Kenner MOC: Has some price tags, bent corners & some creasing, a little cello tape residue on bubble, small stain on bottom corner of bubble.  5.00   115  
Photo Titan A.E. Cale  De Luxe Power-Crush Exo Suit NRFC: Card has some tape removal marks and creasing, soft corners, a dent or two on bubble. Never opened, presumed mint and complete. 5.00   256  
Photo Turok: Adon figure  MOC: Part of peg hole has been torn. Top of bubble is dusty, corners of card are dinged, edges a bit worn also, UPC has been scribbed out with black marker. (have 2 in similar shape) 5.00   183  
Photo Xyber 9 "Mick" (it's actually Anakonda in a mis-marked package) MOC: one corner of card is bent a little, some faint creasing visible on the back.  3.00   69  
Photo Xyber 9 Jack MOC, one corner of card is bent a little, some faint creasing visible on the back.  3.00   76