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Photo Dragon Force Ninja Chuck Norris figure, good shape, has jacket and hood but elastic is shot on hood. 2.00   70  
Photo Mattel Mad Scientist Dissect-An-Alien Kit 1986: Close to complete, has alien (some paint wear), 12 body parts, mat (has folds in it & a little wear) and "stiches". Missing knife.  15.00   515  
Photo Ninja Warriors Dragonmaster, couple marks on soles, some paint cracking under chin, a few small marks, overall in pretty good shape. 2.00   72  
Photo Rambo: Lot of items. Includes Gripper accessories & 4 figures. All have some paint wear, one Rambo has a  lot of yellowing, some yellow gunk on his hair, and arm has come loose (I can't get it on but I'm sure someone else can).  6.00   291  
Photo Real Ghostbusters: Air Sickness figure, some slight signs of wear, good shape. 2.25   52  
Photo Real Ghostbusters: Ecto-3 flag 0.25   7  
Photo Real Ghostbusters: H2 Ghost; Has a few marks, a little paint wear, ends of teeth have some bite marks. 6.00   105  
Photo Real Ghostbusters: Mini Shooter, 2 pcs, good shape. 3.50   74  
Photo Real Ghostbusters: Mini Traps, good shape, a little paint wear, work. (have 2 sets) 3.00   88  
Photo Real Ghostbusters: Quasimodo Monster with chain. Has small spot on cheek, otherwise looks good. 2.00   66  
Photo WWF LJN Ax of Demolition #1: Has some paint wear on edges, small scratch on nose, hand has some light teethmarks, a few small spots. 10.00   308  
Photo WWF LJN British Bulldogs pair: Some greyishness, a fair bit of paint wear, curly haired guy's elbow may have a chew (or was molded funny), straight haired guy has some light bite marks on raised hand. 15.00   494  
Photo WWF LJN Hacksaw Jim Duggan: faint mark on back, a little paint wear, a few small dots, otherwise clean, no bites that I can see. 13.00   272