Sophisticated Lady
4238/4045 Asst.
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  • First Year Only
  • A Flip Side Fashion
  • It was not named after a Jem song
  • There is an old Barbie outfit of the same name.
  • Sophisticated Lady and the other Flip Sides in the 1986 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue shows a "button" on the jacket, the hat ribbon looks very dark, the tights are sheer and blue, and the shoes are straight edged blue pumps.
  • Sophisticated Lady in the 1986 German Leaflet (same photo appears in the 1986 Belgium catalogue):  the hat ribbon looks very dark, the tights, necklace and sunglasses are not shown.  She is shown wearing chromed pink straight edge shoes like 1st ed. Jem's.
  • The drawing of Sophisticated Lady on the 1986 Flip Side Fashions box art is close, but shows a blue "button" on the jacket.
  • The Second Year package photograph of Sophisticated Lady, (the same photo is used for the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, the 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue, the Second Year Jem Catalogue Poster) looks like the produced version.
  • The Jem version for sure, appeared on the cartoon.
  • The back box always says what is contained with the doll.  The bold words in my descriptions are what Hasbro themselves stated came with the doll; 
    Contains; lamé jacket, hat with band, blouse, skirt, tights, collar necklace, sandals and sunglasses.
    lamé jacket; Mostly pink lamé with large puffy shoulders.  Blue trim on cuffs, collar, lapels and around waist. Single velcro closure in front.
    hat with band; made of same material as the skirt (pink velveteen) with a blue shiny velvet ribbon around band. 
  • Scan courtesy of Rhonda Robinson.
  • blouse; Turquoise blue spandex, slightly puffy shoulders, small stitch in front.
  • thanks to Thumper for the scan!
  • skirt  pink velveteen. There is a slit on the side. 
  • Scan courtesy of Rhonda Robinson.
  • tights; Medium blue, matte stretch tights. 
    collar necklace; Pink plastic collar necklace.  The colour can vary, I'm not sure if it's country-related differences or not.  Thanks to Isabelle for that scan!
    sandals: medium, cornflower blue.
  • See a pic of all the blue sandals together to tell them apart.
  • My sandals do not have the L/R markings, and the strap is a bit less streamlined than I am used to seeing.  Go to Jem Sandals to read more on this.
  • Sunglasses; ultramarine blue. 
  • The darkest blue of the "triangular" sunglasses in Jemland.  See a photo of all the similar blue glasses together to tell them apart.
  • US Fashion 
  • Box; 1986 Flipside Fashions
  • Insert; fluorescent pink
  • MTV offer
  • Folded Jem poster First year Jem illustrated poster, First year Jem catalogue poster on reverse
  • This page was compiled with my NRFB US  issued fashion as the source. For more information on boxes, and the stuff included in them, please go to Jem Ephemera.