Smashin' Fashions & Rio Fashions

In 1986, both the Misfits fashions and Rio's fashions were sold under the label "Smashin' Fashions."  In 1987, "Smashin' Fashions" came to be the Misfits' exclusive domain, and Rio's fashions were called, predictably "Rio Fashions." Fashion names with an asterisk beside them were released both years.
1986 Smashin' Fashions

"A collection of dynamic fashions for the Misfits.... and a handsome assortment of up-to-the-minute outfits for our leading man, Rio!"

Just Misbehavin' Rappin' Truly Outrageous Outta My Way On the Road with Jem Winning Is Everything Makin' Mischief Let The Music Play

1987 Smashin' Fashions

"To fit their wild, raunchy personalities the Misfits wear outfits that are outrageously bold and aggressive... High fashion styling combines with superb material textures and colours to give Smashin' Fashions tremendous appeal."

Just Misbehavin' There Ain't Nobody Better Let The Music Play Designing Woman You Can't Catch Me You Gotta Be Fast We're Off and Running Gimme Gimme Gimme

1987 Rio Fashions
"In Rio's truly outrageous good taste!"
Congratulations It All Depends on the Mood It Takes A Lot On the Road with Jem Rappin'
Share A Little bit Time is Runnin' Out Truly Outrageous Universal Appeal