Sears Catalogue Fashion Bulk Packs 

Sear's 1986 Christmas Wish Catalogue Fashions (USA)
I have yet to see a mint/complete and/or unopened Sears fashion pack, but it is probable that the Sears bulk fashion sets came with slightly metallic looking Jem-sized pumps, sandals and boots (!), shown below.  The catalogue photo shows Barbie-sized shoes, however. 

Thanks to Valeri for the catalogue scans shown right. 
For scans of the actual items, see below, or Liz Pemberton's photo listing page (it's much more detailed than mine)

Now, onto the photos and descriptions- EVERYTHING here- text (except where noted), pics, the works, has been donated by Liz Pemberton.  THANKS!!

For scans of the actual items, or Liz Pemberton's photo listing page (it's much more detailed than mine)

Shown right: The 1987 Sears Canada wishbook Jem-sized dolls fashions set.   I have yet to see a perfectly preserved Sears Canada fashion pack so I really can't tell you  much more than what the picture shows you here, however, these fashions were also sold on blister cards by Totsy

They are made of the same type of material as Video's jacket, and the jacket is lined with pink lame' very much like Jem's dress.  The lame' scanned dark, with a nonexistent pattern, and the iridescent fabric looks a lot whiter in person.  The jacket has no closure, but has some elastic gathering in the middle of the back. 

The pants velcro in back.  They also have slits on the outside of the legs, and are pleated a very little bit at the waist.  Shana is wearing the suit (with some tape inside to keep it modest,) 

and the mystery knockoff white shoes. The white pumps and sandals are clearly made of the same white plastic -- kind of cheap, with the white and clear elements not thoroughly mixed (unlike Jem's white shoes or the Totsy ones.)  They are not pearlescent -- just swirly.

"The magenta-purple minidress is also from the knockoff lot, and also appears in the top group of Sears fashions.  It's made of thin woven "tissue" lame', with velcro in the back.  The top is basically a tank top -- I had to bend the shoulder down to scan the epaulet, which is very stiff (I think they did the same in the catalog.)  The gold dot vinyl is the same stuff as all those generic Barbie clutch purses. The cummerbund is the same vinyl and trim as the dress, and is 1/2 inch too big for Jem -- I paperclipped it in back to fit Jetta.  The cut of the skirt is rather, um, daring without tights, and requires a modest posture.  :-)"

The showgirl-y leotard/gown thing (knockoff lot) is made of what I'd call seersucker tissue lame', mostly gold but with a few pink and blue threads.  It velcros in back.  The skirt and the rosette on the bodice are a stiff nylon sheer.  It's difficult to arrange the feathers in such a way as to allow the face to show.  It does seem that if it's suited to anyone in Jem-land, it would be the hyper-smiley 2nd year Jems.

The catsuit is a thin lavender/silver sparkle polyester knit with an elastic waist and velcro in back. The legs are a little long and look sort of like footed pajamas on Jem.  It is my contention that this is the garment inside the fur coat in the top lot of outfits in the Sears catalog -- you can just see some lavender, it would make sense to have a catsuit under a fur coat, the materials and construction are on a par with the more definite garments, and it came in a lot with much of the rest of that set. 

The magenta suit is even more of a stretch.  In the top catalog picture there's a peachy-pink suit on the far right, partially cut off.  It appears to have a jacket of the same general shape with sleeves that may be sheer, and a skirt with an inverted "V" in front.  I suggest that the magenta suit is a variant, or that it's what actually got produced, differing from the photo.  The catalogs always had "colors, fabrics, or decorations may vary" disclaimers with these sets;  I got two Barbie knockoff cheerleader sets from Penney's in 1983 or 1984 and what I got was about 95% the same as the photos, with some color and accessory variations.  This is a big, huge leap, and I may be dreaming, but whatever.

The suit itself is, despite the dubious origin and extreme fragility of the fabrics, really cute.  The main fabric is a really thin black knit base with magenta mylar threads that catch on everything, kind of like Clash's dress but not so well-woven or heavy.  The horizontal lines in the skirt are missing threads -- it's not an intentional pattern.  The sleeves and attached hip scarf are stiff chiffon with silver mylar threads.  There are velcro closures in back on both pieces.  The hip scarf is too short to wrap around a doll's waist convincingly, and the hem is on the wrong side anyway;  it seems best left to flap dramatically. 

The turquoise capris are similar to the white capris, but they have a flat front and aren't slit on the sides.  They velcro in back.  The gold loop-fringe trim is the same as that on the magenta-purple minidress and cummerbund.  They are quite iridescent in person.

The silver fishnets are open-weave netting with an elastic waist.  They're a little big in the legs and a little short in length, but the fit is pretty good for this level of workmanship.  They are huge on Barbie, and the foot is pretty well-fitted for Jem.  In the top Sears photo (#9) there are silver fishnets with the white/silver dress, and these could very well be them. 

The black/gold tights are much stiffer than the silver ones, and the fit is baggy and a little short, but still pretty good for the foot.  The fabric is gold mylar woven together with nylon or polyester so that the outside is gold and the inside is black.  It seems to be the same effect as the gold/black hose in the lower Sears photo (#10) shown with the gold dress and keyboard, and I'm pretty convinced that they're the same. 

The silver tights are a little lighter in person -- and they're all silver, no black.  The gold/black ones are a little golder in person.  In the shoes scan, you can see how the plastic has swirled very similarly in both the silver and gold pumps, and you can see (less clearly, sorry) a very similar pattern on the bottom of the bottom-up white pump and the toe of the top-up white pump.  I'm not sure it ever shows very clearly in the scans, but the heels of the sandals have a flaw - "sagginess" -- on the back that's the same on both the silver and white ones.  Of course, even if that proves that they used the same molds for all the colors, it doesn't tell who made and sold them -- but whoever it was, they made white too.'s a printed cardboard box, with a three-dot pattern and general appearance very, very close to the photo.  The bottom is white, the short sides and the edge by the keys are plain silver-gray, and the top edge away from the keys has multicolored music notes and a treble clef.  It used to have a thin silver cord taped to it on the sides, as in the photo (there's residue on the keys,) but the tape died and I took it/it fell off.

The three pairs of pumps are from the same mold.  I have another scan that shows it more clearly, but you can even see where the pattern of the liquid plastic flowing into the mold has created similar lines in all three pairs.  The gold ones look a little darker in the scan than in person.  The white pumps and sandals are clearly made of the same white plastic -- kind of cheap, with the white and clear elements not thoroughly mixed (unlike Jem's white shoes or the Totsy ones.)  They are not pearlescent -- just swirly.

NOTE: "Quoted" passages are from me, Pranceatron :) Any other notes are by Liz, who has commented on everything else up to this point!
Right Scan donated by Thumper:  "I wonder if these are from the same mold?  One appears to be more bronze than the other pair.  The pair on the right may not be from the same source. "

Ditto above-  "really looks to me like these two pairs may not be from the same store, but both have the little sparkles and swirl patterns associated with the Sears knock off shoes.  Since the greenish-silver ones on the right are my scan, here are the details I can give you about them " Slightly softer texture than regular Jem shoes. Made of translucent sparkly plastic (not coated like Pizzazz's shoes)  A bit rough around the edges.  Sandals don't have the "L" and "R" on them for left and right. "

Right Scan donated by Valari.

The sandals are both from the same mold, even to similar indentations on the backs of the heels.  The silver ones are slightly bluer than the accompanying silver pumps.  This mold is slightly smaller than either of the Jem sandal molds, but still fits on the dolls' bare feet.  I wouldn't try it with tights or socks.

The boots are pretty thin, quality plastic, flexible and unlikely to crack easily, but not squooshy.  They seem to have been made for a doll with wide feet very much like Jem's;  maybe Darci?  The color is a dull pewter tone, not really sparkly or pearlescent.