Rama Llama

The ultimate mail in!  If you don't know by now, prepare for a shock.  Somehow, Jem was going to end up with a vivid pink Llama as a pet.  They produced enough of them to keep their value relatively low (around $50-$70 as of now) but they are still kind of a tricky find.  Not helping matters is the fact that when Jem was cancelled and Hasbro was stuck with thousands of the Llamas, they decided (at least in Canada) that Rama Llama would become "My Little Pony Llama Friend" and are also sought after by My Little Pony collectors.

I don't think there were any boxes packed with the Rama Llama offer, but it could be bought if you used a mail-in rebate offered at various toy stores ($3 off the Glitter N' Gold Roadster, Jem, or Rio).  With the rebate check came the order form for Rama Llama.  Rama Llama was available for $7 plus shipping (expired March 1987).  As the rebate states, it was not available in any store.  It is referred to as Jem's "Mascot", whatever that may entail. 

Some insight from Walter (who knew people at Hasbro/Sunbow during Jem's years): "the RAMA LLAMA was supposed to be introduced on the cartoon.  he was a gift to JEM from a prince in brazil (or south america somewhere)...RAMA LLAMA was supposed to be a natural llama, nothing magical or mysterious. i asked why then he was pink, and the woman i was talking to at the time said that it was what little girls would like. whatever!!"

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  • Thanks to Timothy for much of the information and most of the photos on this page!
  • So if you mailed in your $7 + shipping, this is what you got.  A baggie  "My Little Pony"-type creature and some accessories (also in taped baggies)
    The Llama itself is a bit larger than typical My Little Pony figures, and is covered with coarse, hot pink fun fur (glued on, it can come off fairly easily). It is marked on the hooves Made In China/1987 Hasbro.
    Brush; Shiny "My Little Pony"-like brush, shaped like a llama.
    Blanket: is made of a cheap fake suede and is white on the other side. 
    A test shot of Rama Llama with yellow fur!

    Thanks to RHC for this photo and info about it:

    "...someone I had bought a rama llama off of told me they had been emailed by a maker of the Rama and she gave me their email.  I've since lost it but I contacted her and she sent me these pics and told me how the fur was used to test out the llama and ultimately they decided on pink (no surprise)."