There's a Melody Playing
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  • Second Year Only
  • An On Stage Fashion
  • There is a Jem song called "There's a Melody Playing"
  • It was featured on the cartoon.
  • The same photo  (see left) is used for the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, the 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue, the Second Year Jem Catalogue Poster and the Second Year package art, which looks like the produced version.
  • It is one of the outfits featured in the Rock Backstager and Rock N' Curl Jem commercials. It may be in other commercials I haven't yet screen captured for this site.
  • Dress: Bodice is navy blue cotton with horizontal pale blue, fuchsia, aqua blue and purple pink stripes.  The sleeves are puffy pink-purple lamé (the scan makes it look a bit darker than it really is), sleeves are the same cotton material as the bodice, triangular at the ends.  Though it looks like shorts, it's actually a dress made of the same puffy pink-purple lamé, trimmed at the bottom with the striped cotton fabric.  There are support threads keeping the dress puffy so it won't fall down.  The underside of the skirt has a band of the navy striped pattern, the stripes are vertical, not horizontal.
  • Looks kind of Renaissance to me. 
  • This distinctive navy striped pattern was going to be reused for other clothing pieces in 1988, according to the photos in the Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalogue Matching Medley Fashions.
  • I've had a couple of these, and the lamé has varied a bit between them, one being a bit lighter/paler pink.  The darker of the two had the bubble skirt seam directly down the back of the garment; the paler one had the seam on the right side of the skirt. 
  • There are also dresses that have the velcro closure in the back, and those that do not.
  • Knee sock for left leg; blue (looks like spandex) with large lavender bow with a smaller purple ribbon bow in the centre. 
  • Scan courtesy of Rhonda Robinson.
  • Fuchsia Pink Scalloped-Edged Pumps.  Similar to, but not exactly the same shade as Clash's shoes.  Please go to the shoe ID for more information on IDing these shoes!
  • Oddly, they don't really match any of the colours on the fashion.