How You Play the Game
#4227/4040 Asst.
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  • Second Year Only
  • An On Stage Fashion
  • There is a Jem song called "How You Play the Game."
  • The same photo  (see left) is used for the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, the 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue, the Second Year Jem Catalogue Poster and the Second Year package art, the socks look darker in the photos than the produced version.
  • It is one of the outfits featured in the Rock Backstager and Rock N' Curl Jem commercials. It may be in other commercials I haven't yet screen captured for this site.
  • The back box always says what is contained with the fashion.  The bold words in my descriptions are what Hasbro themselves stated came with the fashion; 
    Includes: culottes, top, socks and shoes
    culottes; Dark pink lamé with large side pockets. 
    top; crisp cotton with linear squiggle multi-coloured design, top from sleeve tip to sleeve tip is trimmed with dark pink sequins.  Totally opens in back, velcro. 
    socks; They aren't identical, there mirror each other, made of pale blue spandex with hot pink sequin decorations. 
  • Scan courtesy of Rhonda Robinson
  • shoes: fluorescent Pink Open Toed Heeled Sandals. 
  • My Canadian (NRFB) version of this outfit came with sandals the same shade as those from Set your Sails
  • Scan courtesy of Rhonda Robinson
  • NRFB US edition, 2nd year photo card
  • Card- 2nd year On Stage Fashion
  • Insert -(hot pink) 
  • This page was compiled with my NRFB US and Canadian issued fashion as a source. For more information on boxes, and the stuff included in them, please go to Jem Ephemera.