Jem Prototype Molds

Here is some information I got from the man (Dave) who sold these heads to me.

"....there are between 1 and 5 of these sculptings in existence. Apparently, the Jem doll head shape and size was worked on and modified extensively, and there are many variations shown. Most of which were never produced."

"The sculptor said that there was a great deal of experimentation and refinement involved in creating the Jem doll to make sure that she was different enough and unique from any other fashion dolls available at the time. The majority of these were unproduced variations."

Marked on back of head:

©H-B '85

Presumably an earlier mold of Aja that didn't get used.  Her features look a bit more Oriental to me than the Aja that did get produced. 
She kind of reminds me of Kate Moss... 

Marked on back of head:

JEM '88

Apparently intended for the 3rd year.  My guess is it's an early version of Rock n' Romance Jem or another unknown Jem that never got far in production for 1988.

Marked on back of head: 

This one is similar to the  Jem '88 (above) cast in flesh-coloured wax.  The purple eyes make me think it's probably meant to be Jem.  She looks a lot like the 2nd year Jem mold, with a smaller smile. It is possible she's an early draft of 2nd year Jem mold. 

Marked on back of head:


Looks to me like the 1st edition Jem mold, with an open mouth!  Since she is M, it's my guess she is an early draft of Jem (when she was still named "M").  Or, perhaps in reaction to the failure of the closed mouth Jem, this is a very, very early draft of what would become the Glitter N' Gold Jem mold.  Why they would still designate her as M, I can't say.

Another of the painted flesh coloured wax heads, from the Cincinnati Toy Museum, from Rebecca (thanks for sending the photo!) She has put a What's Her Face wig on it.  I'm not certain if this head was meant for Jem or for Darci.

Check out Cincinnati Toy Museum to see more!