Gold Rush
#4284 /4055 Asst
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  • Second Year only
  • A Glitter 'n Gold Fashion
  • Fashion was not named after a Jem song .
  • The Second Year package photograph of Fire & Ice (the same photos are used for the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, the 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue, the Second Year Jem Catalogue Poster) (see left) looks much darker red than the produced fashion is.
  • It did appear on the cartoon
  • The Glitter and Gold Illustrated poster image (also used on the cover of the Jem Jam Video) looks pretty much like the produced fashion.
  • The back of the box always says what is contained with the fashion.  The bold words in my descriptions are what Hasbro themselves stated came with the it; Contains: ruffled gown, cummerbund, boa, necklace and shoes
    ruffled gown: Empire waist, hot pink spandex bodice.  The gold lamé sleeves are just barely attached.  The attached skirt is made of gold threaded fabric, high slit in the back.
    cummerbund; gold lamé band with pleated hot pink chiffon, velcros together in back.
    boa; Hot pink chiffon and gold mesh, ruffled and elasticized.
    necklace; Gold collar necklace, same as the one from Golden Days, Diamond Nights
    shoes; Fluorescent pink.  The ones I got with this fashion are shown left. 
  • Annessa says her NRFB fashion came with thin-sided shoes. 
  • Please see Jem shoes to tell these shoes apart from other similarly coloured Jem shoes.
  • NRFB US edition.
  • Box - Glitter 'n Gold
  • Insert - orange
  • MTV offer
  • This page was compiled with my NRFB US issued fashion as a source. For more information on boxes, and the stuff included in them, please go to Jem Ephemera.