Golden Days, Diamond Nights

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  • Second Year only
  • A Glitter 'n Gold Fashion
  • Fashion was not named after a Jem song .
  • The Glitter and Gold Illustrated poster (same image is used on the cover of the Culture Clash video) looks pretty much like the produced fashion but the gold tassels on the shirt are a little darker.
  • Dress: 
    Overshirt: very large transluscnet white fabric with gold and silver spots threaded in, gold tassels on forearms, gold lamé collar and waist, with a gold and silver (polka dot patterned) lame flower on the waist.  Two velcro closures in the back.
    Hairpiece: gold and silver (polka dot patterned) lame flower on plain white elastic
  • Thanks to Rhonda Robinson for this scan
  • Necklace, gold plastic. 
    Pumps; Silver Scalloped Edge.