Fire & Ice
4281/4055 Asst
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  • Second Year only
  • A Glitter 'n Gold Fashion
  • Fashion was not named after a Jem song 
  • The Second Year package photograph of Fire & Ice (the same photos are used for the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, the 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue, the Second Year Jem Catalogue Poster) (see left) looks much darker red than the produced fashion is, the bracelet shown is a much thinner/matte-er zig-zag bracelet.
  • The Glitter and Gold Illustrated poster also makes the fashion appear much redder than it really is.  
  • It did appear on the cartoon
  • Apparently was worked on a lot, there a few prototype dolls with this dress in different colours. 
  • The back of a card/box always says what is contained in the fashion.  The bold words in my descriptions are what Hasbro themselves stated came with the fashion. Includes coral and gold gown/dress, shoulder wrap, hose, bracelet, hairbow and pumps.
    coral and gold gown/dress; Gold lamé dropped waist bodice, velcros in back.  Very fine (and easily frays) coral sheer dress,  with swirly gold and lace overlay.  The sheer material has a long slit in the back.  The top is trimmed with the same coral chiffon, ruffled. 
    shoulder wrap; Made of coral chiffon, bunched by gold cord trim, metal snap closure.

    hose; gold and light pink, elasticized waist. This colour seems to be less common than the white/gold tights this fashion can come with.
  • There is a variation of tights in white and gold, like those from Glitter and Gold Jem
  •  Scan courtesy of A. Tremblay 
  •  bracelet; The same as the one from Glitter N' Gold Jem/Jerrica, except very yellow.
    hairbow; bow-tie shaped coral chiffon attached to a gold elastic.
    pumps. Melon scallop edged pumps, the same as those from 2nd Edition Kimber
  • Please go to Jem Shoes to see the differences between this shoe colour and others similar to it.