Super Extra Lucky Fun Extra Stuff (US)
This section is devoted to the more obscure items Hasbro tucked into and onto their Jem doll boxes. 


Firstly is the Jem Fan Club/MTV Jacket offer, which you'll find with every one of the Jem dolls, many fashions, playsets, etc., etc. 
 The jacket information can be found here. The Jem fan club cost $6 to join and you'd get

-Jem and the Holograms Poster, (specific to this fan pack, it is very difficult to find. Thanks to Shevona for providing it!)
-Rockin' Roadster Key chain (more like a Backstage Pass keychain- (front) (back) thanks Corduroy for the pics!),
-Jem Bandanna (Thanks to Rachel for this photo)
-Jem World Tour Iron on Patch (pic 2) (thanks to Heather for the photos!)
-Jem Concert Photo Album
-Rock Rap magazine (This may be the same thing as the Jem Concert Photo Album, listed above. Thanks to Mandy B. for this scan.)

Canadian Dolls came with a larger MTV offer (French on one side, English on the other), basically the same as the US one, except you could also buy a Jem Wristlocker, basically a wristband that zips open with the Jem logo on it. I have yet to see an actual wrist locker. I do not know if they were ever actually available or not. 


Promo Tape and Poster offer. 
In the United States and Canada, if you bought a Jem doll at participating stores (like Toys R Us) you would receive a Jem tape (with Who Is He Kissing, Jealousy, Universal Appeal and the short and long Jem theme) and a folded up Jem and the Holograms First Year Illustrated Poster as well as a card with the Jem logo and "Free Cassette" written on the front. This was one of the first promotions. If the store was out of stock, you could mail in for it. Check out the commercial

  • In Canada, you could get the tape with French dubbed songs in place of the instrumental side, though throughout most of Canada, the tape was the same one that was available in the US, the poster was bilingual and (at least mine) came with the MTV jacket form as well. See Totally Jem for more information, photos & audio clips from this offer. 
  • This tape was offered to UK fans via mail in offer in the UK comics.Other 


    The Jem and Friends Dream Tour Cassette Offer featured some Jem songs (How you Play the Game, Rock n' Roll is Forever, and Glitter N' Gold) amongst a mixed tape of '80's artists (like New Edition, The Jets, Toto, etc.), and DJ'd by Rio. This was offered with the second year dolls only. Some boxes came with a "Smash Hit tape offer" sticker which meant inside you'd get a colour order form to buy the Dream Tour Cassette. Other boxes came with the "Souvenir Program and Tape offer" sticker, which meant inside you'd get the (duh) Jem and Friends Souvenir Program, which is a full colour 14 page magazine featuring bios of all the bands on the Dream Tour cassette. There are also some lyrics to the Jem songs. The tape cost $1 for shipping and handling. 
    *Thanks to Kyle for the scan of this tape!


    The Glitter N' Gold promo tape
    Came with "Glitter N' Gold" (not the theme, but the one from the show), "Back in Shape" and Jem Theme. This was an instore mail in rebate promotion. If you bought any Jem doll in 1987, (except Glitter 'N Gold Jem or Rio) you could mail in a coupon (+ UPC code & receipt) to get the tape and a $2.50 rebate cheque. Offer expired on May 2, 1987.  This was also available by "calling" Jem, as shown on a commercial from mid 1986 (that offer expired November 29, 1986)


    You could get $3 off of each, with this coupon, (front) and proof of purchase of Glitter 'n Gold Jem, Rio or the Glitter 'n Gold Roadster. The rebate check, when received, came with an order form for the Dream Tour Cassette, or Rama Llama (this is the first mention of the llama that I know, and that it is female!)  See Totally Jem for more information and photos about this offer. 

    Thanks so much to Walter who provided these scans for Jem Vs Pranceatron!


    This was given to my friend, who had made connections to people at Hasbro when Jem was still being produced. It is unlikely that this insert/promotion ever made it to fruition. It would have been included in future doll boxes. 
    The booklet itself is shaped like airline tickets, with various offers on the pages. It again makes mention of Jem's world tour of 20 cities on five continents, specifically:

  • Destination: South America (Rama Llama). It is mentioned that she would not be available in any store. While I'm upset about Jem being cancelled, personally, I can't help but be a little relieved that Rama Llama didn't have to be worked into Jem's universe. 
  • Destination: China (Jemstar earrings). Interestingly, this is another rare occurance where Hasbro followed the lead of the cartoon, and had China as a destination to get Jemstar earrings, as seen in the Adventure in China episode. 
  • Jem Fan club; apparently the same fan club offer from before, except noting that the full colour poster was a souvenir from a show in London, and the bandanna (er...) was a gift from an Egyptian maharaja. 
  • Order form The booklet is dated 1987, and the offers were allegedly available until January, 1989 (long past when Jem had been cancelled). 
  • Back page: Cut out those Jemstar Points!
  • Cover

    Thanks so much to Walter who provided these scans for Jem Vs Pranceatron!