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I am always interested in hearing about new Jem finds, scans I need and even Jem items for sale. Ideas about improving the site are also welcome, but before you bring out the knives, please keep in mind this site is done by me, one person, in my free time, for fun. 
I will happily correct mistakes, in fact, I request that if you see an error on this page about something to please let me know. I don't profess to know everything :) Even if I disagree with you, if your argument is convincing enough, I will add a note to the page in question. *Please* include the URL of the page in question, if you are correcting information as I have hundreds of different pages on this site and while one page may be corrected, I may neglect another. I try my best to answer all mails in a timely fashion. 

Before writing, check my FAQ below, your question may already be answered- 

Do you have any Jem items for sale? : I sometimes have Jem items for sale (and much more :) on my toy selling website, Pranceatron Toys. You are far more likely to find what you need on a site like eBay though!  

May I use the photo of ____ on my website/Facebook/blog/etc? In general, my answer is yes. I appreciate a link or credit mention (Pranceatron) when possible. However, due to the collaborative nature of my website, some photos may have originally come from other contributors, from whom I don't really have permission to give to other websites, so I prefer any photos that end up being shared from my site be from my personal collection. Photos from other contributors are credited at the bottom of the respective pages. 

I can be e-mailed at