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I am always interested in hearing about new Jem finds, scans I need and even Jem items for sale. Ideas about improving the site are also welcome, but before you bring out the knives, please keep in mind this site is done by me, one person, in my free time, for fun. 
I will happily correct mistakes, in fact, I request that if you see an error on this page about something to please let me know. I don't profess to know everything :) Even if I disagree with you, if your argument is convincing enough, I will add a note to the page in question. *Please* include the URL of the page in question, if you are correcting information as I have hundreds of different pages on this site and while one page may be corrected, I may neglect another. I try my best to answer all mails in a timely fashion. 

Before writing, check my FAQ below, your question may already be answered- 

Q#1 Do you have any Jem items for sale?
Q#2 Will you sell me/Where can I find copies of the Jem TV show?
Q#3 Are those ALL your pictures?
Q#4 Will you link your page to mine/Can I link to your site from my page?

Do you have any Jem items for sale? : I sometimes have Jem items for sale (and much more :) on my toy selling website, Pranceatron Toys. You are far more likely to find what you need on a site like eBay though!  I prefer trading if possible and hold onto more of my stuff in hopes of trading rather than selling, so if you have something I need to trade or sell, feel free to write! 

Will you sell me/Where can I find copies of the Jem TV show?: I don't, but Rhino did release two thirds of the series on DVD in 2005, which is long out of print and available on sites such as Amazon and Ebay. Youtube usually has some episodes or parts up now and then, but as it is illegal they do get removed often. See also Jem Videos and Jem International for exact listings of what is out there VHS wise (most is out of print but is not too hard to find for $10 a tape)

Are those all your pictures?; No!  I wish they were! :) The wonderful thing about Jem Vs Pranceatron is that it's a community-based site. Over the years, dozens of people have contributed their scans, information and insight to this page to make it as large & comprehensive as it is. The moral of this story is, if you have something to share, this is the place to do it. I would also like to add that ALL of my pictures were donated with permission, or taken by me. Stealing graphics is not my thing. If you don't want a credit, that is also fine. Getting back to the question though- no, I do not own everything on this site. My personal collection is rather... vast... :) but I still need a lot before it's complete! 

Will you link your page to mine/Can I link to your site from my page?; I am always happy to be linked to other pages, so please do!  I will link your page back, as long as it has to do with dolls, '80's culture... or something related to Jem. I will throw out dead links, so if you move your domain, let me know. I prefer to be linked to the intro page

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