Hair Picks

SO, you REALLY care which hairpick goes to which doll?  Well, this is the place for you!  The list below is questionable, as I'm sure even Hasbro themselves weren't too picky about making sure each doll came with the correct comb.  I own most Jem dolls either NRFB (soon to become RFB! ^_^) or MIB, these are the combs they came with.
Note; Colour differences tend to be very slight in some cases.  It is unknown if these are manufacturing variations or meant to be slightly different.

See a large photo of all the pink combs scanned together (with pink shoes) 
Light mauve pink (slightly bluish) 
-Rock N' Curl Jem
Light Mauve Pink (pinker than the above) 
Medium Pink (more indented symbol) 
Medium Pink (with a bluish tone) 
-2nd Edition Kimber
Medium Pink (purer pink than 2nd Ed. Kimber's) 
Dark Med. Pink, More on the purple scale than Synergy's. 
-2nd Edition Roxy
The following two have a slightly orangey tint that didn't pick up by the scanner....
Fluorescent Pink 
Fluorescent Pink (slightly darker than Danse's) 
-Flash N' Sizzle Jem 
The following two are more bluey-purple than the above two, though it doesn't really show well..
Dark Pink (slightly lighter than below) 
-1st ed.Roxy
-1st Ed. Kimber
Dark Pink (slightly darker than above) 
-Pizzazz (both editions)
Red-Violet (sort of translucent); Came with 
-First Edition Aja
Red-Violet (sort of translucent) Came with
-First Edition Shana

I have also seen darker versions of this magenta colour, I don't know who those combs belong to.
Cool Lavender; 
-1st Edition Rio
Bright sea foam green; Came with 
Fluorescent green-yellow comb. Came with
-2nd Edition Shana
-There have also been a 1st ed. Pizzazz that came with these.
Canary Yellow; Came with 
-2nd Edition Aja
Information courtesy of Holly.
Scan courtesy of a different Hollie.
Bright fluorescent yellow; Came with 
Rama Llama's brush; Shiny "My Little Pony"-like brush, shaped like a llama.

I do not know which combs came with the following dolls
-2nd Edition Stormer
-Rock N' Romance Jem (natch!)