Cartoon Characters "S"

Brief Character description: Houston-based entrepreneur & apparent gambler.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The World Hunger Shindig
SANDRA "I'm with the Starlight Girls now!"
Brief Character description: The bad girl who changes her ways.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Treasure Hunt
Brief Character description: Drug addicts encouter group counsellor.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Alone Again
Brief Character description: The British Teen Idol.  Sean does a bit of everything, like Jem, singing, acting, etc.  He doesn't have a "video" on the show though.  He's a bit of a wuss, compared to Kimber's stuntman boyfriend Jeff.  I always kind of thought he was modelled after Pierce Brosnan.
Sean and other Characters:   He is one of Kimber's legion of boyfriends, I'd say the one she is the most serious about.  A few episodes hint at a wilder past for Sean (quoth Pizzazz: "What happened to you? You used to like good music!") but it was never fully explained. 
Important or starring episodes: Hollywood Jem 1 & 2, Scandal, The World Hunger Shindig.
There was not a doll made of him.

Brief Character description:  The African-American drummer/guitarist for Jem and the Holograms.  She is occasionally unsure of her talent for designing (which she also does, by the way!) due to the Misfit's teasing, but gets through it. She started out as a shy young foster girl at the first Starlight House but eventually got to be close friends with Aja, Jerrica and Kimber.  She left the group for a short while only to return later as a guitarist.
Shana and other Characters: Shana, after Raya is probably the quietest of the group, but among friends can be outspoken and emotional.  She has a boyfriend, Anthony Julian, and they are probably the most stable couple on the show.  She designs clothes for the foster girls. 
Her look on the show:Her first edition outfit is pretty faithful to the one on the show.  Shana is given quite different make up on the show though, usually the very dark pink blush and the orange eyeshadow, and red lips.  The doll's make up is much prettier IMHO!  Perhaps the biggest difference between the doll and character is that she plays drums on the show, and comes with a guitar as a doll.  In the later episodes, when Raya is on drums, Shana plays the guitar.  She is the only Hologram that has her second edition costume portrayed on the cartoon. There are at least three Jem animation teams; the centre photo being what I think Jem fans would call the most typical Shana, the first being the Shana from the first five episodes, and the last being the "B-team" Shana (for episodes like Music Is Magic & The Journey to Shangri-la). For more on Shana's cartoon style, please visit Shana's Cartoon Wardrobe!
Important or starring episodes: She's a main supporting character in most of the episodes.  Specifically: In Stitches, The Talent Search 1 &2, The Mardi Gras.
  • There were two dolls made of her, first edition and second edition Shan.
  • SID
    Brief Character description: Director of the Music is Magic concert.
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Music is Magic
    Brief Character description: Sigourney Weaver.  I can't find a photo because I'm not sure which character she is when she's introduced.
    Impersonating?: Sigourney Weaver
    Appeared In: One Jem Too Many
    Brief Character description: Art director on Jem's fashion book.  Until Clash temporarily takes over.  And is reinstated shortly after.
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Rock Fashion Book.
    Coach STEVE
    Brief Character description: Yet another of Kimber's boyfriends.  Self-proclaimed Jem and the Holograms fan, mechanical shark harpooner. 
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Hot Time in Hawaii

    STORMER (aka MARY PHILLIPS)"Are you sure we should be doing this?"
    Brief Character description: Stormer is basically the good girl gone bad, how she got caught up with the Misfits is not clear but it was likely some sort of need to belong and feel appreciated that got her there.  She is the youngest and looks up to the other girls the way a young girl looks up to her delinquent older sister.  Stormer is the least enthusiastic to carry out the Misfit's more evil deeds, and at times, when not supervised she will disobey Pizzazz's commands.  She is far and away the most talented member of the Misfits, and they would crumble musically without her.  Stormer likely does 90% of the musical work in the band. 
    Stormer and other Characters: Stormer basically takes orders from everyone else, not usually  doing "bad" things on her own, mostly to be accepted.  She is basically too naive to see how she is being used, which irks her brother Craig.  Stormer and Kimber formed a duo for a few months which left the two original bands treading water and not happy with the friendship.  This friendship is never mentioned outside the one episode though.  Since she is the "good" Misfit, she is allowed a romantic interlude, with this gross hermit guy on a deserted island, eww.
    Important or starring episodes: She's a main supporting character in most of the episodes.  Specifically: Frame Up, The Bands Break Up, The Talent Search 1 & 2.
  • There was a doll made of her.
  • Stormer's cartoon wardrobe
  • SUSIE "Speaking of pretzels, I'm hungry!"
    Brief Character description: Fellow patient in Danse's rehab
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Danse Time
    Brief Character description: Best ski instructor at the Green Fern ski lodge, speaks with a Scandinavian accent.  Has designs on Jem. 
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Last Resorts
    SWITCH "Uh, hi Kimber!  Long time no see!"
    Brief Character description: Old school mate of Kimber's, presently working at KMEL, a college radio station.  Parachutes into Jem's concert.
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: KJEM
    SYNERGY "Things are not always as they seem."
    Brief Character description: Synergy is actually a machine created by Jerrica and Kimber's father, Emmett Benton.  She was designed to be a pseudo mother figure to the girls after his impending death and was even based on his wife Jacqui's likeness.  Through Jem's earrings, Synergy can project highly realistic holograms, the main one being the hologram that turns Jerrica into Jem.
    Synergy is quite wise and speaks as if she were human, she doesn't talk with a computer voice or just answer questions.  She is almost an angelic type figure.  Synergy can make herself appear in a human form, or any form she likes but rarely does.  Synergy is extremely powerful and could be very dangerous in the wrong hands, so must she, and Jem must be kept secret at all times.
    Synergy and other Characters: No one knows about Synergy except for the Holograms.  Eric once hired a spy who took pictures of her, but gave up trying to get the computer fairly quickly.  Synergy often offers advice to Jerrica, and sometimes they seem to be of the same mind (hence her name) as when Jerrica is in trouble, Synergy projects just the right thing to get them out of trouble.  The girls love Synergy and treat her as though she is human. 
    Important or starring episodes: The Beginning, Out of the Past, The Presidential Dilemma, Midsummer Night's Madness.