Cartoon Characters "N"
Brief Character description: Just one of the Starlight Girls in the background.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Like the other Starlight Girls, she does not know Jem is really Jerrica. 
NICK MANN "I don't do bit parts.  And I don't work for free!"
Brief Character description: Arrogant leading man in Jem's movie, Starbright. Claims he always falls in love with his leading ladies, though it is apparent he loves no one but himself. He pursues Jem, spurns both Kimber & Pizzazz and earns Rio's disrespect and ire. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Starbright episodes.
NECO "I'm not wearing a costume!"
Brief Character description: Leader of a Misfits*-like band called the Zomboys, who will do anything Pizzazz tells him to do.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Mardi Gras.
*real-life/Glenn Danzig's Misfits