Cartoon Characters "M"

MALONE "The best in the biz"
Brief Character description: Private detective hired by Eric, to find out more about Jem.  He in turn stumbles upon Synergy and smashes her with a chair. 
Appeared all-too-briefly inFrame Up, Battle of the Bands
MAMA LOU "Beware of Zombies on Fat Tuesday"
Brief Character description: Spooky Voodoo-practitioner, currently resides in New Orleans.  "Knows stuff." 
Appeared all-too-briefly inMardi Gras
Brief Character description: Art dealer, nightclub owner, and diamond smuggler.
Impersonating?: Sounds a lot like Andy Warhol's dealer, Leo Castelli.
Appeared all-too-briefly inCulture Clash
Brief Character description: One of Jerrica's Starlight Girls.
Marianne and other Characters: Like the other Starlight Girls, she does not know Jem is really Jerrica. 
Brief Character description: Focus puller for Jem and the Misfits' movies.
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Starbright trilogy
Brief Character description: A friend of Jem's, and owner of Jazz label Rockwell Records.
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Jazz Player.
MARLA MARTELL "You'd be wise to remember not all of my tricks are illusions!"
Brief Character description: The famous illusionist, jealous of Devon's affection for Jem.
Appeared all-too-briefly inMusic Is Magic
Brief Character description: Race Car Driver, injured and unable to drive the Starlight Special.
Impersonating?: Mario Andretti.
Appeared all-too-briefly inIntrigue at the Indy 500
MATILDA "We don't want any bums here!"
Brief Character description: One of Pizzazz's domestics, confuses Eric for a vagrant.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: In Search of the Stolen Album.
Brief Character description: A detective with Melodicus, poses as/moonlights as a butler for Maison Fleur, sleeps like the dead.
Appeared all-too-briefly inMardi Gras.
Brief Character description: A photographer who makes a date with Kimber. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Glitter 'N Gold
He was named after a friend of Christy Marx.
Brief Character description: Stuttering, computer generated image of Sean Harrison.
Impersonating?: Max Headroom (not sure if the Jem version was named)
Appeared all-too-briefly inHollywood Jem
McDUFFY "You call that toy a plane?"
Brief Character description: I assume he is the fat one in the picture, it's never really made clear.  Texan bully pilot at the pilot's club who helps to pirate a Misfits radio broadcast. 
Appeared all-too-briefly inKJEM
Brief Character description: Ticket scalper & general nogoodnik that tries to con Danny into a life of crime. Partner of Ramon.
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Music Awards.
Brief Character description: Yet another hired thug, on the East coast, to do Eric's bidding. Cohort of Torch. Possible marathon runner.
Appeared all-too-briefly inOld Meets New
MIGUEL "Can we get back to work now?
Brief Character description: One of Eric's targets of directortial abuse, during the filming of the Jem movie.
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Starbright trilogy


MINX "I can have any man."
Brief Character description: Minx is yet another selfish and arrogant character.  She, along with Rapture, is quite a bit smarter or goal oriented than the rest of the Misfits and their schemes tend to be a lot more cunning and evil than the Misfits, who generally caused mayhem for the sake of it.  As her name suggests, she brags that she can have any man, and when she succeeds (this is about 99% of the time) she soon becomes bored with them, which is why the uninterested Rio is fascinating to her and why she pursues him the most, much to Jem/Jerrica's (and Rio's!) ire.  Minx is gifted at making and playing any kind of synthesizer or computer.  She speaks with a German accent.
Minx and other Characters: She is basically self-centred but will take orders from Riot, who she has chosen to be her "leader", not just in the group but in personal affairs.  Minx realizes Riot's almost supernatural charisma and is smart enough to know he is going places, so she will go to him for advice or will do what he says if he tells her to do something.  It's not certain how much of a "hold" Riot has on her and Rapture, the way he does on most women, but they are treated more as partners than most people Riot influences.  She is also constantly pursuing the extremely not interested Rio, more as a challenge than anything. 
Important or starring episodes: The Stingers Hit TownChange of HeartRiot's Hope. 
  • There was not a doll made of her, but she did get to the prototype stage.
MOLLY "Don't expect any favours from us unless you pay for 'em."
Brief Character description: Pizzazz Jr. is Eric's description.
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Treasure Hunt
Brief Character description: College radio DJ.
Appeared all-too-briefly inKJEM