Cartoon Characters "J"

Brief Character description: Social worker from Child & Family Services. 
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Music Awards.
JACQUI BENTON "Starlight is the message..."
Brief Character description: Imagine a 1970's Jerrica and that's pretty much all we learn about Jacqui.   She had a semi(?)-successful singing career in the 70's.  She was a foster girl and started the Starlight House for Girls.  She died in an airplane accident when Jerrica was about 12.
Jacqui and other Characters: She was Kimber and Jerrica's biological mother, and a foster mother to Aja, Shana and Lela.  Jacqui's career was starting to keep her from her family too much close to the time she died, which was the cause of some friction between her and Jerrica.  Synergy's visage is based on Jacqui's.
Important or starring episodes: Out of the Past
JEFF WRIGHT  "Let's ride."
Brief Character description: A wild and impulsive stunt man, he has feelings for Kimber early on in the show that aren't reciprocated for a few episodes.  He resents Kimber's popularity with the guys, and this causes him to spontaneously propose to her near the end of the series.  He is shown to have black hair in one episode.
Jeff and other Characters: He's a bit of a hot head so he doesn't get along well with any of Kimber's other boyfriends.  He spurns Roxy's advances.
Important or starring episodes: The Starbright trilogy, Hollywood Jem.

JEM "Showtime, Synergy!"
A brief Character description: Jem is Jerrica's alter-ego.  She is basically the same person without the stress factor.  If Jerrica is laughing, it's nearly always when she is Jem.  Technically, Jem is a  hologram, created by the computer Synergy, projected through her Jemstar earrings.  She is mysterious because she does not really exist.  No one except the Holograms and (sigh!) the President of the United States know of Jem's secret. 
Jem and other Characters: Jem is the singer and front woman of the group Jem and the Holograms.  At the beginning of the show she is a rising star on the music scene, but is generally considered a huge pop celebrity throughout the rest of the series.  Jem flirts with Rio a lot, which makes him confused and feel guilty about having feelings for her.  She is a lot looser than Jerrica, because she basically is Jerrica's escape from her yuppie life.  She is sometimes attracted to Riot when she is Jem, through some strange schizophrenic thing. 
Jem's look on the show: She always had star-shaped earrings, the first doll usually didn't have star shaped earrings. Her make up & eye colour ranges from the traditional pink with blue eyes to lavender with purple and gold eyeshadow. There are at least three Jem animation teams, all of them basically getting her right.  The centre photo being what I think Jem fans would call the most typical Jem, the top being Jem from the first five episodes, and the bottom being the "B-team" Jem (for episodes like Music Is Magic & The Journey to Shangri-la). For more on Jem's cartoon style, please visit Jem's Cartoon Wardrobe!
Important or starring episodes: All of them. She is the star, after all.
  • There were 4 dolls made of her: Jem/Jerrica, Rock N' Curl Jem, Glitter N' Gold Jem/Jerrica, Flash n' Sizzle Jem/Jerrica.

  • JERRICA BENTON "Show's over, Synergy."
    A brief Character description: Jerrica is the responsible, hard working woman behind her alter-ego, Jem.  She tends to put a bit too much on her plate, what with managing her own group, being the president of Starlight Music AND head of the board at the Starlight Foundation, not to mention being the biggest rock star of the '80's... So the word stressed can generally describe her.  She can have a temper and tends to want to control things and do things her own way, but she is generally a good person, donating everything she earns to charity it seems.  I mean, she is the "hero" of the show after all! 
    Jerrica and other Characters: Jerrica is Kimber's older sister.  The Holograms are her best friends, & Rio is her high school sweetheart and boyfriend -usually - they often fight about "Jem", and since she can't tell Rio she secretly is Jem, this certainly causes problems in their relationship.  She is a natural leader and others look up to her.  She is also a mother to the foster girls staying at Starlight House.  Jerrica does not trust Riot or the Stingers but does see potential in them as a group and must make allowances for them at times.  It is needless to say that she does not get along with Eric Raymond or the Misfits. 
    Jerrica's Look on the show: Jerrica was shown in the beginning with quite short (and strangely chunky) hair.  It eventually grew to shoulder length.  More obviously unusual is the pink and blue with large stripes dress, and red belt version of her Jerrica "daytime" dress.  She only had this dress for the first few episodes. (I guess it burned up in the fire ^_^).  It wasn't long before Jerrica was drawn in a more faithful representation of her dress, though the stripes are a *tad* wide, I guess they'd be easier to animate. There are at least three Jem animation teams, all of them basically getting her right.  The centre photo being what I think Jem fans would call the most typical Jerrica, the top being Jerrica from the first five episodes, and the bottom being the very ugly (imho) "B-team" Jerrica (for episodes like Music Is Magic & The Journey to Shangri-la). For more on Jerrica's cartoon style, please visit Jerrica's Cartoon Wardrobe!
    Important or starring episodes: Pretty much all of them.
    • There were 3 dolls made of her: Jem/Jerrica, Glitter N' Gold Jem/Jerrica, Flash n' Sizzle Jem/Jerrica.

    JETTA (aka SHEILA BURNS) "I'll show you ruddy yanks! Move it or lose it!"
    Brief Character description: The fourth Misfit, a status-obsessed Brit with an intense need to rise above her working class origins.  She is a pathological liar who often brags about ties to British royalty.  Skilled in pick pocketing and ordering hits on greenhouses.  Arguably the smartest Misfit.
    Jetta and other Characters: Competes with Roxy as Pizzazz's second-in-command, they do not get along well unless faced with a common enemy.  As with most of the Misfits, generally stays in the group because she knows it's in her best interests to do so, not out of any real passion for music or friendship.   For more on Jetta's cartoon style, please visit Jetta's cartoon wardrobe.
    Important or starring episodes: The Talent SearchBritrock.
    Brief Character description:  Works at Starlight Music.
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Starbright; Colliding Stars, Danse Time, some cameos later on.
    Brief Character description: Lindsay Pierce's cameraman.
    Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Bands Break UpThe Jazz Player.
    JOELLEN My stomach hurts!
    Brief Character description: Just one of the Starlight Girls in the background.
    Joellen and other Characters: Like the other Starlight Girls, she does not know Jem is really Jerrica. 
    JOEY LONDON "I knew I shouldn't have borrowed from that loan shark"
    Brief Character description: Drummer of the famed Taps Tucker band.  Apparent gambling problem.
    Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Jazz Player.
    JOHN MONTGOMERY "I guess I shoulda popped him one..."
    Brief Character description: Video's Dad.
    Appeared all-too-briefly inFather's Day
    Brief Character description: The King of Rock n' Roll & helicopter pilot.
    Impersonating?: Bruce Springsteen
    Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Jem Jam.