Cartoon Characters "D"

Brief Character description: Head of a gang of cockney skinheads that break up the Jem Jam party.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Jem Jam Part 1
Brief Character description: An early benefactor of Jem and the Holograms.  She owns her own fashion design company or something and has a special interest in Shana, the group's designer.  The Countess is pretty tough when she has to be and is not impressed at all by the Misfits or Eric, basically since she's already rich she cannot be bought.  She is probably in her 40's or so.
The Countess and other Characters: She seems to have something going on the director Howard Sands.  She introduces Regine to the Holograms and organized a few rock fashion shows starring the Holograms.
Important or starring episodes: Disaster, Straight From the Heart.
Brief Character description: A run away who befriends Chrissy, Banee and Deirdre. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Music Awards Part 1 & 2.
DANSE (aka Giselle Dvorak) "Wait'll you see me dance."
Brief Character description: Danse is one of the counsellors at Haven House, a home for runaways.
She becomes a dancer for Jem's shows and videos.  Believe it or not, Danse was also a foster girl (though not at Starlight House) as a child.  She is pretty sweet and kind most of the time.
Danse and other Characters: Danse is a humanitarian so has quite a bit in common with Jem and the Holograms, who she collaborates with.  Danse has had 3 boyfriends on the show so draw from that what you will.
Important or starring episodes: The Music Awards Part 1 & 2, Danse Time, Renaissance Woman, Homeland Heartland.
There was a doll made of her.
Thanks to Walter for providing the following images!:
Early Danse sketch
Danse Model Sheet (Back)
Danse Model Sheet(front)
Brief Character description: Sleazy promoter from Can't Dance Music working for Eric that tries to exploit Stormer and Kimber.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Bands Break Up
DAVE WILSON "Would I want to give up a wonderful job like this for fame and fortune? You bet!"
Brief Character description: Current janitor, former bass player/pianist for the Taps Tucker trio.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Jazz Player.
DEBRA "we'd like to say it's been fun..."
Brief Character description: The script girl.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Starbright series, briefly in Scandal.
Thanks to Walter for providing the following image!: Debra the script girl model sheet
DEIRDRE "Nobody pays attention to me!"
Brief Character description: Deirdre is a big fan of Jem and wants to be just like her.  She is learning to play guitar.  In one of the early episodes she runs away. She is shown playing guitar with Ashley & The Starlights.
Deidre and other Characters:  Like the other Starlight Girls, she does not know Jem is really Jerrica.  She seems to get along well with the other girls, despite being a bit irresponsible.
Important or starring episodes: The Music Awards Part 1 & 2.
DELAREE "It's for the honour jar. We're all saving up to by a new refrigerator for the house."
Brief Character description: Just one of the Starlight Girls in the background.  Speaks with a vaguely Southern accent.
Delaree and other Characters: Like the other Starlight Girls, she does not know Jem is really Jerrica. 
DEVON SILVERSTONE "Ah, Jem! Finally an entertainer whose talent matches the magnitude of my own."
Brief Character description: Magician with a crush on Jem.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Music is Magic
DIMITRIOS "It is your duty."
Brief Character description: Lexa's cohort.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Princess and the Singer
DIRK HAYES "I love to see sparks fly!"
Brief Character description: Las Vegas casino owner, who books both Jem and The Misfits to play.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Frame Up
DOCTOR HOWARD "I can't make any promises!"
Brief Character description: Yet another generally anonymous doctor. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Danse Time
Brief Character description: A medical doctor, having nothing to do with shoes, as far as we know. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Father's Day
Sheriff DODD "I don't wanna see your face in my town again!"
Brief Character description: Generic Southern sheriff-type dude.  May or may not be related to CB Dodd.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Rock N' Roll Express
Brief Character description: Arrogant son of Lina Lerner and source of irritation for Krissie.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Jem Jam, Part 1 & 2
DON LO "This is a battle of the music stars first!"
Brief Character description: Track and field sports commentator, hosted the "Battle of the Music Stars" in Hawaii.
Impersonating?: Don Ho, mostly in name and likeness. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Hot Time In Hawaii
DUMBO "Cops!"
Brief Character description: Zipper's muscle for hire.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Battle of the Bands