Cartoon Characters "C"

Brief Character description: "Got a lotta money in oil, and wants to invest in a record company."
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The World Hunger ShindigRock 'N Roll Express.
Brief Character description: Corrupt politician whose ears are only open to the sound of briefcases full of money being opened. 
Appeared all-too-briefly inOld Meets New
Brief Character description: Member of the film crew on Jem's and the Misfits' movies.
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Starbright trilogy
Brief Character description: Richard Xanthos' assistant.
Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Treasure Hunt
CISCO "I like to know who I dump donuts on."
Brief Character description: Blind patient that Danse befriends in rehab.
Appeared all-too-briefly in: Danse Time

CLASH (aka: Constance Montgomery) "Hi!  I'm Clash - you're biggest fan.  I think you're wonderful!  I love your music - I love your clothes!"
Brief Character description: Clash starts out as a Misfits groupie, willing to do just about anything to please the Misfits - especially if it involves cymbals, and/or humiliating cousin Video in the process.  She is also adept at disguising herself in order to infiltrate the Holograms, and on one occasion even passes herself off as a rude-tempered Jem!  Clash is quite insecure and craves attention and praise, especially from Pizzazz. Eventually being a groupie is not enough for her and she longs to become accepted as an official Misfit. 
Clash and other Characters: She desperately wants to belong somewhere, most specifically to be a Misfit, so she is the lowest on the Misfit totem pole, taking orders from everyone else. She was spoiled rotten by her father as a child and is a bit of a daddy's girl.  Clash is constantly trying to wreck her cousin Video's success instead of bothering to create her own. 
Her look on the show:  Aside from Jem, Clash is probably the most chameleon-like character on the show, due mostly to her disguises, but also just due to her character being revamped mid-run.  She starts out with short spiky red and blue hair with a rat-tail, which later becomes long indigo hair, which lastly is cropped into a plum-purple rat-tail hairstyle yet again.  Her signature fashion remains largely the same, just a few differences in her accessories. 
For more on Clash's cartoon style, please visit Clash's Cartoon Wardrobe!
Important or starring episodesThe Starbright trilogy, The Rock Fashion BookOne Jem Too ManyFather's Day, Video Wars.
  • There was a doll made of her.
  • Early Clash turn-around model sheet. (thanks Walter!)
  • CONNIE LONG "Are you working anywhere?  Or are you just cruising for a vagrancy charge?"
    Brief Character description: Co-Host of California beat.
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Scandal
    Brief Character description: Royal guard of Morvania and possible romantic interest of Princess Adriana.
    Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Princess and the Singer
    Brief Character description: The Cinematographer on Jem's movie.
    Appeared all-too-briefly inThe Starbright trilogy (part 2)
    CRAIG PHILLIPS "You're going to find out how serious Craig Phillips can be!"
    Brief Character description: Craig Phillips is one of the contestants in Jem's new drummer talent search.  He's a bit of a rebel, avoids work when he can and mostly gigs around Europe with The Bluebloods. He had his character tested by Eric and passed in being truthful and on the side of Jem and the Holograms.  Craig seems to share a natural talent for music with his sister, but probably doesn't apply himself as much as he could. 
    Craig and other Characters: Stormer is Craig's sister, of whom he is protective, when he's actually around, that is!  He is also Aja's boyfriend of sorts, though they don't seem to see much of each other.  Craig and Raya were in competition to be Jem's drummer at one point but there is no bad blood between them. 
    Important or starring episodes: The Talent Search, Britrock.
    Brief Character description: Hay Ride Guy.
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: : The World Hunger Shindig