Cartoon Characters "A"

ACE O'TOOLE "The last thing I want to do is go to Los Angeles"
Brief Character description: Saxophone player & lone reunion holdout for the Taps Tucker quartet. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Jazz Player
Princess ADRIANA
Brief Character description: 17 year heir apparent to the throne of Morvania, who looks astonishingly like Kimber. 
Appeared all-too-briefly in: The Princess and the Singer.

AJA LEITH "I'm crazy but I'm not that crazy!"
Brief Character description: Chinese-American foster girl from Starlight house who grew up with Jerrica, Kimber and Shana, adopted at around age 12.  Short-haired and tomboyish as a child, she remains interested in sports and fixing things, she is also usually the driver of the Rockin' Roadster.  She is the level-headed one in a crisis, she is cool and not usually prone to outbursts.  She is the most suspicious of the group, not trusting  the Stingers or Clash in disguise as the film student Sarah.
Aja and other Characters: She is the guitar player for the Holograms, she a good friend to Jerrica, Kimber, Shana and Raya.  She gets a long well with men, especially Rio due to similar interests.  Aja is involved with Craig Phillips, the brother of Stormer and "almost-was" drummer for the Holograms; though how serious their relationship is is up for debate.  She is one of the privileged few who know that Jem is Jerrica.
Her look on the show:  There are at least three Jem animation teams; the centre photo being what I think Jem fans would call the most typical Aja, the top being the Aja from the first five episodes, and the bottom being the "B-team" Aja (for episodes like Music Is Magic & The Journey to Shangri-la). For more on Aja's cartoon style, please visit Aja's Cartoon Wardrobe!
Important or starring episodes: She's a main supporting character in most of the episodes.  Most specifically, The Talent Search.
  • There were 2 dolls made of her, 1st edition and 2nd edition Aja.
  • AL
    Brief Character description: Engineer's friend/co-worker.  Apparently likes free coffee.
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Rock 'N Roll Express.
    Brief Character description: A financial backer of Misfits Music, allows Eric to babysit his sculpture collection while he lies low from the cops. 
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Culture Clash.
    Brief Character description: Bearded Englishman stranded in the South Seas, apparently of his own devising.  Falls in love with Stormer. 
    Appeared all-too-briefly in: Appeared only in Island of Deception.  Guess it didn't work out with Stormer.
    ANNE "We've gotta be nice to him, for Jem's sake."
    Brief Character description: One of the more generic Starlight girls, has no real personality that I can detect.
    Anne and other Characters: Like the other Starlight Girls, she does not know Jem is really Jerrica. 
    Brief Character description: Hotshot video director, in the same league as Video.  He directs Jem's first video, Twilight in Paris.  Offers to direct the Starbright movie for free.
    Anthony Julian and other Characters: He has a mentoring approach to the group and is not afraid to give them advice or direction.  He is also Shana's boyfriend.  Their relationship is probably the most normal one on the show. 
    Important or starring episodes: Disaster, The Starbright trilogy, Culture Clash, The Talent Search.

    Brief Character description: 13 years old, popular de facto leader of the Starlight Girls.  I get the impression that she was one of the last girls to be adopted.  She started out as a rebellious Misfits fan, who, through the good influence of Jem and the other Starlight Girls, learns to be honest, generous and kind.  She shows an interest in fashion designing as well as singing.  She was one of few peripheral characters who got to sing her own song on the show. 
    Ashley and other Characters: She is a troublemaker at first, who eventually fits in and becomes popular and outgoing.  She seems to have a knack for getting locked in trunks.  Like the other Starlight Girls, she does not know Jem is really Jerrica. 
    Her look on the show:  She begins as a brown-eyed brassy blonde with a yellow fashion.  By Glitter and Gold, she was redesigned to look more like the doll - blonder, blue-eyed and wearing new outfits.  She is one of only three characters who was developed on the show first, and later turned into a doll. 
    Important or starring episodes: The BeginningDisaster, Frame Up, Battle of the Bands, In Stitches, The Jem Jam, The Treasure Hunt, Alone Again.
    • Thanks to Walter for providing the model sheet of Ashley!

    Brief Character description: Magician and debunker of paranormal scams.  Intelligent, intolerant of con artists preying on the gullible.  She only appeared in That Old Houdini Magic as a foil to Rapture, who was pretending she was the reincarnation of Harry Houdini to bilk a dowager out of her money. 
    Astral and other Characters: She was becoming a friend to Jem and the Holograms, so she was a "good" character.  It's likely she would have had more run-ins with Rapture and the Stingers, as well as performing with Jem on-stage in some capacity.
    Important or starring episodes: That Old Houdini Magic  
    • There were plans to make a doll of her, that did not get past the prototype stage.
    • Thanks to 5Misfits for the model sheet drawing!