Sears Catalogue Fashion Bulk Packs

In the grand tradition of mail-order department store catalogues, there were knock-off fashion packs made available to the budget-conscious Jem shoppers. These fashions were not made by, or endorsed by Hasbro but by a third party company. I have yet to see the packaging but I've been told it was a generic cardboard shipper with each outfit in its own plastic baggie. No word on the manufacturer or company. Even though the photo shows Barbie-sized shoes, the fashions actually came with Jem-sized shoes (and boots!) in pearlescent/metallic hues. The clothes are also large enough to fit Jem. Unsurprisingly, the catalogues also feature Barbie & The Rocker sized knock off fashion packs.

So far I only have information on the female 1986 US Sears catalogue fashions, available here.
There was also some fashions available in the 1987 US Sears catalogue.
9. 28-piece star set is the wardrobe for all your road shows. Any one of these 5 wild outfits is a show stopper. With lots of accessories too! For all 12 1/2- in. female dolls. Colors and fabrics may vary. 49 N31374-Shpg. wt. 6 oz... Set alone $9.99
10. 28-piece on-stage wardrobe has 5 great costumes. Everything from punk to pretty... there's something here just right for your next performance! Plenty of accessories included. Colors and fabrics may vary.
49 N31141 - Shpg. wt. 6 oz... Set alone $9.99
When you also buy any doll (1 thru4, 6 thru 8)... $8.99
The Rio fashions from the 1986 Sears catalogue.
Shown right: The 1987 Sears Canada wishbook Jem-sized dolls fashions set. I have yet to see a perfectly preserved Sears Canada fashion pack so I really can't tell you  much more than what the picture shows you here, however, these fashions were also sold on blister cards by Totsy.

Credits: Thanks to Valari for the Sears 1986 catalogue scan shown above.