Other Unproduced Dolls & Miscellaneous Oddities
I hope this section will be a work in progress as more of these dolls come to light.  Shown below are Jem dolls that are works in progress, scrapped ideas, early versions of familar dolls and anything else that 

Rama Llama

Jem Prototypes... Maybe

When entering the realm of prototypes, we have to have a little blind faith sometimes...  There is always the possibility of a hoax, that's what makes prototype collecting a bit risky.  Basically, unless the dolls are bought directly from a Hasbro employee who can prove it somehow, you really can't say for sure if what you have is an original prototype.
I'm no expert on the making of toys, but I know there have to be several stages of production in a new toy.  There have to be tests for colour and styles, and those that don't cut it make it to either the garbage heap or some employee's home.  Those are the kind shown here.

Photos used with permission, from collection of Michael Chambers, quoted passages are his words exactly.

His finds are the main reason this page was created.  These were bought at a Barbie convention from a seller who said that they were bought from a Hasbro employee.  I've since spoken to several people who have met this woman... she's a pseudo celebrity in the Jem community at this point it seems! ^_^
First we have a variant on 1st edition Jem, completely blonde with no underpainting on the scalp, not all that exciting...
Michael has not yet tried batteries in her but she has the battery plate in the back, like a normal Jem doll.
But her outfit is definitely different, a purple reminiscent of 2nd edition Aja's shirt, and a belt made with gold fabric and no sticker on it. 
Her tights are "made of finely woven metallic gold stretch  material not at all like GnG with it's thick coarse plastic fibres.  They are more solid gold and the gold fibre is finer. Her shoes are more grape bubblegum in colour and have a scallop edge."
A Video doll with light blonde and iridescent tinsel hair.  Video, at one point in time was going to have silver hair, so this one has some sort of logic behind it.
OK, slowly getting stranger!  Here is the "mystery" Jem doll.  dressed a bit like the outfit Rock N' Curl Jem had.  This dress is a fashion from the Jem knock-off "Lace" by Creata.  Please visit Nancy Cerelli's site: Lace Celebrity Doll with Fashion & Fame for more information on those dolls. Still, if I had to guess, that's who I'd say she is an early colour test of.
Also, her hair is curly, even curlier than the produced Rock N' Curl Jem!
The dress is certainly a fashion by Creata, a knock-off company. (Thanks Nancy). Otherwise, she wears tights that are similar to the Alternate Jem" (See above) "but less gold.  Her shoes are the same pinky purple colour as Rock N Curl's and she has two bracelets made in the same  coloured plastic similar to RnC's.
And here's the most interesting doll IMHO, a tangerine haired Roxy (notice all the different colours in her hair).  So possibly Roxy was meant to be a redhead at first?  Or, as a friend of mine said half-kiddingly, she could be "evil Kimber"- if the make up were different, maybe! 
It doesn't stop at her hair though...
The outfit is clearly a version of Fire N' Ice, done in green and orange (? Not the best colour combo I think!) 
"The shawl on the Roxy is made almost like a garter belt.  a gold cord was sewn into a loop, then the green fine weave tulle was gathered and sewn on top of the gold cord, then a more open weave black tulle was sewn on top of the green.  The green is about 1 and 1/2 inches to 2 inches and the black is about a 1/2 inch.  The gold cord is a bit longer than the tulle and is sewn together and not connected with snaps.  No jewellery or bow. The Green tulle is lime green in colour and used as an underskirt which is higher in the front than the back.  It is also used along the top of the bodice. The black tulle has a light lime and gold opalescent diamond pattern running through it and is over the green tulle skirt and hangs slightly longer than the green tulle. The orange bodice is polyester or stretch knit.  I don't know my fabrics that well so I can't tell. Tights are pale yellow. Shoes are the colour of lime sherbet with scalloped edges."

More from the same collection...  Info is quoted from Rebecca (thanks!)

"I was with Michael the day we both bought some stuff from that woman at the Barbie convention....  She has entirely different facial screening!
She is wearing Outta My Way, but it is out of the ordinary. The belt buckle is hand cut as is the dress. This is Outta My Way #1!"
Check out her website: rebeccachulew.com
Yet again!  More finds from the mysterious "Barbie Convention Woman" ^_^.  This one is from Alain.  His story is as follows:
"She's a prototype Jem doll that was acquired from a former Hasbro employee, I purchased it from the same lady that sold Micheal and Rebecca the weird dolls you have in your prototype section on your site. I bought it in Detroit at the Barbie Convention in 2001..." "...The doll is obviously a Rock 'n Curl Jem, but her hair is much shorter and better set than your typical RnC doll (she looks a bit frazzled right now from being in a box for 3 years!). The costume is obviously made for her, it just fits too well to be fake, also the shoes are hand cast from that resin those other shoes in the prototype section you have. The woman said to me that she acquired the entire lot at an estate sale of an Hasbro employee who passed away in the 90's, but that's all the info she had, she didn't know who it was or anything else."

Looks a bit like a Maxie Ballerina doll to me!
Riot4Jem says the earrings are from Barbie and the Rockers (? anyone else know?)

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Other Possible third Playsets
Again all from the same source, an insider at Sunbow who choses to remain anonymous.
Jem Vanity Playset (check out that outfit on Jerrica too!).  Looks like a make-up table, note the "director's" chair, which probably was a connection to Jem's new role as an actress.
Video Camera Playset: Like the Star-Stage before it, has the dual identity of being a child-sized plaything with a doll backdrop inside. 
Scooter: Looks like instruments would attach to the sides.  Maxie, perhaps not coincidentally, got her own scooter too. 

Wax castings: Early stages in Jem's development, as well as hints of things to come!