Unproduced 3rd Year Jem Dolls (1988)

The Jem line was cancelled abruptly, and there were no Jem dolls officially released by Hasbro in 1988 (at least in the US).  Hasbro's Pre-Toy Fair catalogue for 1988 shows prototypes for 6 Jem dolls: Rockin' Romance Jem and American Beauty Jem (both "cheapies" in the style of  Rock N' Curl Jem), Regine, Astral (new characters!) as well as Video and Danse were to be re-released.  There was no mention of the Stingers, though they made it at least to the prototype stage, as did another new character named Graphix, and there were rumblings about a new Pizzazz for year 3.  Hollywood Jem &/or another version of Jem seemed to be in the works but got cut early on.  It is unknown how many (if any) of these prospective dolls were produced in any number, but Rockin' Romance Jem seems to have gone the farthest, there being a few known examples (as in, less than 10) of them out there, as far as I know none of those being available to the general public at any time. 

Rockin' Romance Jem
American Beauty Jem
1988 Jem (Hollywood Jem)