Spanish 1st Edition Jem/Jerrica
In order for this to be interesting, you should probably be familiar with the Chinese/Hong Kong* Jem/Jerrica.  as well as Mexican Jem/Jerrica

*Chinese/Hong Kong made dolls are those typically found in the US, Canada, Australia, most of Europe.

She really doesn't look too different, the only thing I could note about her face was that her earrings stuck out a bit more than I'm used to seeing. She looks cuter to me than my US boxed Jem, but I guess that's a matter of taste :) The head is marked in an embossed rectangle, "HASBRO 1985" on the back of her neck. 
The body otherwise isn't too different, but I did notice her to be a little paler and even more matte than the Hong Kong/Chinese dolls. 
The doll is marked © 1985 HASBRO INC./MADE IN SPAIN. 
The legs are different though- on mine, she could not sit without making a "popping" noise (similar to bending the knees).  Overall it seemed as though the pelvis was just in wrong somehow- she even has a slightly pot-bellied appearance.  I'm not sure if this is typical of Spanish dolls or if I just got a particularly bad one.  The most obvious difference in her body is the feet- you will notice they are arched more than the average Jem doll's (far left is the Spanish foot)
The clothes & stand look identical to me, to the ones packed with US dolls. 
The shoes!  Those weird, rubbery shoes!  Easily the biggest difference is the shoes- like other Spanish dolls, they are rubbery textured, and darker than the US/Hong Kong versions. 
Her Jem shoes didn't look much different to me, they weren't rubbery.
Her microphone (shown left, next to a US Jem's mic) is more violet, the head is a matte grey, not at all silvery. 
Her comb is not pearly sheened, but sort of ivory coloured. (right, US Jem's comb is on the left)

 See the numbered example box above to understand the numbering system described here.
Boxes are written completely in (Catalan) Spanish
1. Doll's name: Depending on the doll, reads: "________ De Las Holograms" or Misfits.
2. Cassette Tape Information: Entirely in Spanish, as the songs themselves are dubbed in Spanish. 
3. Hasbro Logo: the same as the US.
4. Truly Outrageous Tag: is replaced by "Verdaderamente Fantástica".
5. Stock Number: Different from the US, not shown on the side panel.
6. Audition Contest Panel; has a short description of Jem and the Holograms (nothing to do with the audition contest)
7. Licensing information/Country of manufacture: (translated) Made In Valencia, Spain by MB España, dated 1986.
8. Jemstar Points/Proof of Purchase; on the back, with instructions to clip and save them. 
  • The Spanish boxes are the only ones I know of that don't have a glued down flap on the top, instead just a regular recloseable top. 
  • Has a sticker on the back advertising Duracel batteries (placed beside the notation that Jem comes with them included)

  • For more on Jem in Spain, go here.

    In Spain, Jem/Jerrica came with a tape too.  I'm not sure if they all did or not, mine is twist-tied right into the backer, it's not an in-store promotion. 

    Outside of licensing information, says nothing but the Jem logo and Cara A/Cara B.  The songs are in English (mostly), the text is in Spanish.
    Side A:
    A man reciting the Jem story in Spanish, interspersed with some Jem and Misfits songs (shown below), some have clapping and/or introductions during them.
    Jem Story
    Outta My Way
    Only the Beginning
    Winning is Everything
    Jem Theme (short, Spanish! Different from the Mexican one)
    Side B:
    Jem Theme (long version)
    Like A Dream
    Twilight in Paris
    Gettin' Down to Business
    I got My Eye On You
    Too Close

    -The poster I got was one sided, of the 1st year artwork, except says Jem Verdaderamente Fantástica, instead of Truly Outrageous.